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    After my baby's second week of nursing, she began getting fussy, crying for hours in the middle of the night, very gassy, producing green stools, fussy during the day and not napping much. I thought she might be allergic to something I was eating, so I went on a “no dairy, egg, wheat, corn, nuts” diet for 2 weeks with no improvement. Around her 7th week, I finally discovered that the problem was a fore milk / hind milk imbalance. I started block nursing every 3/4 feedings and pumping out a little of the foremilk before each feed. This went on for 4 days and after the first day there was much improvement; she was no longer in pain, no more hours of crying, etc. (although her stools are still green and watery).

    After the 4th day of block nursing, I went back to feeding on one breast each feed as I had done previously. However, since then she has been increasingly fussy on the breast-- acting frustrated, pulling off, crying, latching on but pulling off soon. This doesn't happen at every single feed, but it is becoming more frequent. I tried switching breasts often during the feed to see if that would help, but it doesn't help much; I also tried compressing the breast before and while she is feeding, but this doesn't help either. She has also started crying at night again, and is generally fussy during the day. I know she's getting more hindmilk than before, but is it still a hyperlactation problem? I'm concerned about block nursing again; I don't want to decrease my milk supply too much. I'm confused-- Am I still producing too much milk, or am I now not producing enough? Or could her problem be something completely different?

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!!

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    By the way-- She is 8 weeks old today.

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    It sounds like you may have decreased your supply through the block feeding. How many wet/dirty diapers are you getting per 24 hours? How often is baby nursing?

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    I have same questions-also is baby taking any longish sleep stretch? And weight history?
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    I haven't counted her wet/ dirty diapers, but I know she is dirtying her diapers much more than 4X a day, and more than 6 wet ones a day. She nurses about 12X a day. The longest she'll sleep during the day is 3 hours, and typically that long at night as well. She has gained weight steadily (never lost weight in the first week)-- She was 6lb 13oz at birth, 8lb 3oz at 3 weeks, and we'll be getting her 2 month weigh-in tomorrow.

    Thank you so much!
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    Well I guess we will know more after that weight check, but with that output I would be surprised if there is a low production problem.

    So, 2 actually, make that 3-possibilities come to my mind at the moment. Either, that you continue to have some overproduction/forceful letdown issues, which could possibly cause most of the behavior you describe. OR, your baby was used to the forceful letdown and now that your production has regulated to enough, rather than too much, and is no longer rushing out like mad, baby is protesting the slower (normal) rate of flow, which would at least explain the fussiness at the breast.

    Or your baby is just having a particularly fussy time for no discernable reason! Not helpful I know but very often these behaviors are just temporary and never explained.

    Assuming weight gain is proven to be generally on target I guess I would suggest to not worry too much about it either way. 'hyperlactation syndrome' and all the other names this is known by, may sound horrid, but, while it can certainly cause breastfeeding problems and fussiness, is not really a health concern for baby. (It is actually more of a concern for the mom, who has increased risk of engorgement, plugs, and mastitis.) All breast milk is good for baby and the different consistencies, that normally vary not only during a feeding but also from nursing session to session, all serve important purposes.

    Block feeding will decrease milk production, that is it's purpose. So a mom does want to be pretty sure that overproduction is the problem before block feeding. Luckily, there are other ways to help baby handle the fast flow and get less of the foremilk that may be causing the gassyness and discomfort. On the other hand, if overproduction is not being slowed down enough by typical block feeding, there are more drastic remedies for that as well.

    Are you familiar with this article? I like the ideas offered here. http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

    Personally I have had overproduction with all my kids. I personally found frequent nursing and laid back positioning the two keys for dealing with it.

    Also are you still pumping ever?

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    Hi Meg,
    She was weighed yesterday, and weighs 10lb 5oz. I stopped pumping a week ago, so No, I'm not pumping.

    I think your advice is correct, that it's probably normal fussiness, and this has put me at ease. Thank you! :-)

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