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Thread: How you you know if you really have a low supply?

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    Default Re: How you you know if you really have a low supply?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*djs.mom View Post
    Is your friend an IBCLC? Because I really doubt that ANY certified LC would condone only nursing 5times in a 24hour period as acceptable to maintaining supply. Especially at 4 months.And hey you are asking for suggestions on how to MAINTAIN your supply. Because you see a dip an want to continue. If you can't find a way to up the amount she is demanding your only real option is to add in pumping sessions. What kind of suggestions are you looking for? It's all supply and demand. If you need to make more milk, the only way to do that is to demand MORE from your body. So if it's working for you, great. But since realistically your supply is adjusting and your body is working to make the exact right amount she eats, oversupply that is sometimes abundant up until this point WILL continue to dwindle. If you can make enough in 5 or 6 times a day wonderful. I just have never seen that work long term. It sometimes happens because of oversupply. But even the worst cases of that I have seen usually calms down by the 6 month point.
    As always base it on diaper output and weight gain. If you are able to work that out on what you are doing, keep doing it. IF her diaper out put lightens OR Her weight gain stalls and you can't get her to eat more than 5 times in a day, you will need to pump more to keep things going.
    She actually is a certified LC, she just took her exam in october..she is also an RN [as I am too] and worked in Scottland as a midwife. She also nursed both her boys for over a year and she always made barely enough for them. She pretty much just tells me to watch my baby's cues and if she needs more milk...she will let me know. If I were to do this, some days I would go without stimulation for 4-5 hrs [like today.....but I pumped today]. There also have been a few times she only nursed 4 times in one day. My friend said not to worry baby will make up for it or compensate. However, with what is going on now with me, if she ever goes more than 3 hrs without nursing, im going to pump. Not going to wait for her.

    I was just wondering if my supply is truly low [which is probably isnt] or if its just possible adjusted as you said, to regulate exactly how much milk is being removed, which is probably more likely the case. My DD seems happy and content and never acts more hungry and her diaper output is fine so far. I suppose I was just so used to having much more milk, that this is all new to me....especially the slower let downs...the used to be almost immediate now I have to wait 4-6 mins to get one when pumping. [annoying....lol].

    Since this all started I have adding an extra pumping session and going to try and pump 3 times while at work instead of just twice.

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    Default Re: How you you know if you really have a low supply?

    Right. Based on your intitial post I don't think you have low supply. I just am concerned that it COULD become that. I agree that a baby can not eat (when distracted) and then compensate for it later. But that is generally done via reverse cycling. Which your baby won't do because she doesn't sleep with you. So my suggestions are only about protecting your supply. If you find that pumping once more at work and once more during the day works to keep you where need to be, then great! But monitor it and if you see signs of decrease don't panic. Just add in MORE stimulation.

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