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Thread: Help with latch issues and pumping please

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    Default Help with latch issues and pumping please


    I really really need some advice .

    My LO is almost 5 weeks old , and from the day she was born she wouldnt open her mouth wide enough to latch onto my breast correctly.

    Whilst we were waiting for my milk to come in we were giving her formula and my ebm, and gradually phasing the formula out so that she was having my milk from a bottle.

    She wouldnt even open her mouth properly to take the bottle , but we were able to 'shove' it in. Shes been checked for tongue tie and we were told she doesnt have that . Apparently shes just got a small mouth ....
    She wasnt premature , and there were no problems or intervention at delivery .
    Ive seen breastfeeding support workers and Ive been to breastfeeding drop in clinics to see lactation consultants . They did manage to get her to open wider than she was before .

    Ok heres the problem - I cant get her to open wide enough like in the photos ????
    She does go on and sucks ok , and I can hear her gulping when I have a let down . But the most that she goes on for is 5 mins , and then she falls asleep and pretend sucks , and not swallows at all.

    I dont know whether we are feeding properly and whether her latch is right?
    Feeding doesnt give me sore nipples like it used to , but I dont know thats whether my nipples have toughed up?

    When I try and see how much of the lower part of my breast she has I cant see that shes got much more than my nipple- but then I can hear swallowing , sucking , most of the time her cheeks arent dimpled , I dont have any pain , she has the right amount of wet and dirty nappies , and the 2 weeks shes been exclusively bf shes gained 7oz in 7 days and the second week 6oz in 8 days . But she does make a clicking noise sometimes which means a bad latch so Im confused !

    Because I was pumping I know I have a lot of milk . So I dont know whether she is able to get milk because I have an oversupply and once thats gone down she wont be able to get milk anymore???

    And whether because of the way she latches on I'll lose my milk!

    I just cant get the latch to look like the photos- how do I know if the latch is wrong???
    Please help
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    Default Re: Help with latch issues and pumping please

    Welcome to the forum!

    What you describe sounds like one of those cases where knowing more about breastfeeding causes anxiety because it takes your focus off the true measure of breastfeeding success: a happy, healthy, growing baby who is content at the breast, and a latch that doesn't hurt mom!

    Basically, if the latch feels okay, it doesn't matter what it looks like. It is very common to have a latch that looks great on the outside but which causes all sorts of trouble on the inside, or a latch that looks wonky on the outside but is just fine on the inside. If you're not sore, it's because the baby's latch is basically good, not because your nipples have "toughened up". Truth is, nipples do not toughen up. They remain delicate and sensitive, no matter how long you nurse. It's only when the latch is good that they don't hurt.

    Short feedings are very common when mom has a lot of milk. The more milk you have, the faster it comes out and the faster the baby gets full.

    Clicking doesn't necessarily indicate a bad latch. Often it's baby's response to a fast flow- breaking suction (which can cause a click) may slow the milk flow and make nursing more tolerable. If clicking isn't accompanied by pain or poor weight gain, it's nothing to be concerned about.

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    Default Re: Help with latch issues and pumping please

    I've noticed that most photos of babies breastfeeding are of older babies, not newborns. Since older babies are bigger, they have bigger mouths and so it looks like more of the nipple/areola is inside the mouth than with a newborn. I agree with mommal. It sounds like you are doing great. I wouldn't worry about what the photos look like.

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