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Thread: Reason for slowed let down time?

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    Default Reason for slowed let down time?

    Anyone know what could be the cause of a sudden change in my let down time?

    Tues my left boob leaked a bit in the morning when I forgot to wear a pad, and now for the past 3 days..since tues afternoon...my milk is taking longer to let down, for baby and pump. Baby is 4 months old.

    Sometimes takes up to 5 minutes.

    Don't remember it ever doing this with my son. What would be the reason for such a sudden change?

    I worked last sat. night and brought home 11 ounces in two pumps that lasted 15 mins each. but now my milk is taking longer to let down?

    i dont get it? What gives? Is this normal and to be expected at this point?

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    Default Re: Reason for slowed let down time?

    Letdown speed sometimes changes with the mom's milk supply. Huge supply = fast letdown. More moderate supply = slower letdown.

    A worn-down pump can also be less effective at triggering a letdown. And sometimes moms will get acclimated to the pump, and won't let down for it easily even when it's in good working order.

    Stress can be another factor. More stress = slower letdowns. Sometimes it helps to take your eyes off the pump or the baby, focus on deep breathing, relaxation, the smell of the baby... I know that sounds hippy-dippy but those techniques do work for a lot of moms.

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    Default Re: Reason for slowed let down time?

    i have read that alcohol intake and caffeine intake can have a big impact on let down time. -not implying that you're a boozer and a jitterbug, but are you drinking an extra glass of wine a week or a little extra coffee?
    also, are you starting with the same breast every time you nurse? if you are beginning with the same breast, that one will start having faster let down and bigger supply. i always rotate which boob i start with.
    sorry if this didn't help!

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