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Thread: Sleeping long stretches at 6 weeks old

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    Default Sleeping long stretches at 6 weeks old

    My little one, 6 weeks today slept a period of 5 hours last night. I layed her down at midnight and I woke at five to hear her stirring, not screaming so I went to the crib and picked her up to change her. She was completely content. Any breastfeeding mother I'm sure would LOVE to sleep 5 hr stretches. But not me! I feel guilty. Here is the thing. She was born 8lbs 4oz, went down to 7lb 6oz, at 3wks was back at 8lbs 6oz now having her weighed at Dr. yesterday was 9lbs even. Doc said she is in 88% for height and 25% for weight. Plenty of wets and about 4 poops a day, however there aren't any seeds in it. Smells normal with a bit of mucous but doc said that could be due to my milk intake. Is the softness of a breast a good indicator that she is getting the hind milk? She is happy and bright eyed, very alert, she just loves to sleep. I will say this, she will nurse from 9pm to 11 or 12. Is this why she is sleeping so well? Is she stocking up on the hind milk to see her those 5 hours. Shouldn't she be gaining more than she has? Also, should I set an alarm to feed every 2 hours? My son was a slow gainer due to tongue tie, he pooped once a week,so out of fear of malnutrition i supplemented with formula. I don't want her to have anything but my milk. His difficult time with bfing i think has me freaked out with my dd when maybe i don't need to be?

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    Default Re: Sleeping long stretches at 6 weeks old

    I don't think you need to worry, mama. Everything sounds totally normal to me. I say, unless you see the number of wet diapers start to drop, you don't need to worry about it. And I'm guessing the sleeping 5 hours thing won't last long . All that said, if you are going to worry about it anyway...go ahead and wake her once during that long stretch. I definitely don't think you need to wake her every two hours, but if you want to try and get in a dream feed in those early morning hours, it won't hurt anything and it would probably make you feel a little calmer.
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