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Thread: Period??

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    Hi all, we are still breastfeeding strong at 9 months. I haven't noticed that my supply has dipped but I think my period is coming back. I'm still able to pump more than enough milk when I'm at work. Baby is eating more solids.

    Does this mean my supply is getting low? Again I feel the same more or less. What else can it mean? Thanks.

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    Are you asking whether getting your period back means that your supply is dropping? AF returns at really variable times from mom to mom. And even at variable times for the same mom! I got my period back at 6 months, 3 months (!), and 7 months despite EBF (totally unfair, in my opinion!). I think it's true that even a small drop in the amount you're nursing (such as baby eating more solids) can be the trigger, but I don't think there necessarily needs to be a big drop in supply to trigger your period. The minute my first baby had his first bite of solids, it was hello AF, but obviously for the second one solids were not in the picture. If you're still pumping more than enough milk when at work I wouldn't worry about your supply being too low. But don't be surprised if your supply drops in the days leading up to your period. If it does, then it will pick up again after a few days. (I've also found that that's really variable - some months I see the supply drop, other months I don't).

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    I also felt PMS symptoms for a long time before my period actually returned. I noticed no dip in supply, not every mom does, but if that happens it is usually temporary and you can take a calcium magnesium supplement to counteract it slightly.
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