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Thread: Help! LO keeps refusing the right breast!

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    Default Help! LO keeps refusing the right breast!

    What the heck?! My 8 wk old LO has developed this crazy aversion to nursing on the right side. Not sure what to do. It used to be only the evening during her fussy period but it seems now it happening during the day. I've tried the football hold and side nursing but no luck. What I have resorted to is calming her down with the soother then taking it out and latching her. It works for about 30 secs to a min and then I have to repeat the process. During the late night feeding I usually only feed her from right side unless she wants more. But she feeds a lot in the evening and my left nipple hurts! I also don't want my supply to drop in the right side or get lop sided boobs.
    Any suggestions would be great!

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    Default Re: Help! LO keeps refusing the right breast!

    Same here. I switch him to the right side when he falls asleep nursing on the left side and he usually stirs enough to start nursing but not enough to realize he's on the right side. If it gets too full, I hand express to maintain production and relieve engorgement. He's been taking the right side more willingly since we got his posterior tongue tie clipped a couple of weeks ago. I think he choked on that side too many times and is learning to trust it again.

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