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    Hello, I hope someone can help, i'm alittle concerned if eating too much sugary things will effect my baby in the short or long term?
    I'll admit i do like my treats.
    Every morning i have become accustomed to a coffee with coffee mate and 3/4 chocolate digestive biscuits to dip (mmmm) i'll also have porridge (with sugar) or another cereal for breakfast too... sometimes i'll have a chocolate bar in the day or more biscuits. But i've started to become abit worried that me having my morning coffee and biscuts etc is going to cause some effect in the long run ?

    I also heard eating fatty food will make my milk more fatty (in a bad way) is this true? Because now i'm also worrying about eating that takeaway treat too.

    I'm aware eating a healthy balanced diet is ideal but every day just doesn't go like that.

    Thank you x

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    Keep in mind that nursing takes about 600 calories per day extra, so it's really common for nursing mamas to crave more food! It's best if that food is healthy of course, but having some biscuits with your coffee is not going to have a negative effect on your milk. Here's some information from kelly mom on breastmilk composition:

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    A high sugar diet is more likely to affect your teeth or your waistline than your baby. I wouldn't worry about it.

    Eating fatty foods may increase the fat content of a mom's milk... A little bit. Generally not enough to make a big difference in the amount of fat the baby gets. The type of fat that a mom eats (saturated vs. unsaturated) is thought to perhaps change the type of fat expressed in mom's milk- a mom who eats more plant-based (unsaturated) fats might make milk that contains more unsaturated fat, while a mom who eats more animal (saturated) fats may make milk that contains more saturated fats. (Reference: http://kellymom.com/nutrition/milk/change-milkfat/; same link PP posted). But none of this is a particularly big deal. You don't need to maintain a perfect or even particularly good diet in order to make good milk for your baby, and as the PP so rightly pointed out, breastfeeding burns a ton of calories and if you are hungry, there's a good reason why!

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