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Thread: Is it possible to increase my production after a FF binge?

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    Default Is it possible to increase my production after a FF binge?

    I had to take a 2.5 day trip for work. My 4 MO was left home with my husband. During my trip, I misplaced my carry-on containing my pump & the airline courier service didn't get my bag back to me until after I returned home. I went just about 3 whole days without pumping and was only able to express milk by hand to relieve fullness. To add to the madness, between my husband & MIL caring for the baby in my absense, milk I had left was "somehow" ruined by "someone" leaving the pitcher out on the counter too long. They had to solely feed with formula. Being I work primarily from home, I never felt the need to freeze milk and only kept excess in the fridge. Prior to the BM debacle, I would supplement 8-12 oz per day by straight FF or adding formula to my milk to give a boost. Now, I have noticed that my breast are very soft & are void of any leaking & are not becoming full at all! I also haven't felt "let-down" as I normally would. Before this, I nursed very successfully with my two other children and never experienced this until I was weaning. I am also noticing my LO doesnt have the interest in my nipple & isn't latching on strongly as she did before this. She is pulling away and not really interested in me, constantly latching on and pulling away repeatedly, when she used to latch on and I would have to pry her away to switch breast. I fear she has been swayed away from me by formula, the bottle & excessive use of a pacifier in my short absense. I normally could easily pump 8-12 oz between both breasts in a single sitting with ease & nurse every 2-4 hours without any supply issues. I often would leak & soak my blouse quickly before & after feedings. I have been trying to pump every 2 hours to try to stimulate production, but Im only getting 2-3 oz. I made an appointment with a LC, but she can't see me until Monday & I fear that the wait may be too long. Will herbal supplements help? Also, being this is our third, and last child, this is the first time I am using a nursing friendly birth control...could this be the reason for the decrease? Have I crossed a point of no return with being able to regain my supply & my babies interest in my breast?

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    Default Re: Is it possible to increase my production after a FF bing

    Welcome to the forum! Sorry that the trip was such a mess. I can't imagine being without a pump or baby for 2 days. But not to worry- it's still very possible to get back to where you were or even to phase out formula altogether. Supply can be increased at any time. It's generally a matter of increasing stimulation to and milk removal from the breast by nursing more or pumping more, and making sure there are no barriers to increased supply (like hormonal contraception- even those "nursing friendly" methods will cause supply problems for some moms).

    It sounds like you're duping just what you should be by pumping more and trying to nurse more. I think you need to adjust your expectations a bit about what is normal when it comes to milk supply. Most babies need about 1.5 oz of breastmilk per hour of separation from mom, and get about that same amount when they are with mom. So your 2-3 oz output when pumping every 2 hours is 100% normal. Getting 8-12 oz every 2-4 hours was way in excess of normal production.

    I think the best thing you can do with respect to nursing is to offer as often as possible and in a low-stress way as possible, and don't supplement with pumped milk or formula. If you can make 2-3 oz every 2 hours, supplementing is unnecessary. Don't worry if the baby seems fussy, or wants to nurse almost incessantly. That's just her way of readjusting to nursing and readjusting your supply.

    You're doing a great job! Don't worry too much.

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    Default Re: Is it possible to increase my production after a FF bing

    Can I ask why you thought your milk needed a boost? It sounds like you were already supplementing about half of her needs with formula when you left? Is there some reason you were doing that?

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