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Thread: Weaning from domperidone

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    Default Weaning from domperidone

    Hi there. I'm currently taking Dom which I started to boost supply when LO wasn't drinking enough, now I don't believe I need it and I've started dropping pills. Anyone with a similar situation to mine that weaned successfully from it? I'm wondering if I will experienced a drop in milk production and if so how will I be able to tell?
    Also, anyone experience difficulties losing weight or lack of appetite while taking the Dom? I'm never hungry and don't eat what I should be.


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    Default Re: Weaning from domperidone

    I found that it was important to wean off of it slowly. For signs of low supply, use the same indicators as normal - i.e., weight gain and wet/dirty diapers.

    I haven't heard of loss of appetite/weight as a symptom, but you could try contact Dr. Newman directly, or discuss it with a local health care professional. Does it say anything on the packaging about that as a side effect? Or if you got it from a compounding pharmacist, call them to ask?

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