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Thread: 4.5 months old and seems desperate for food

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    Default 4.5 months old and seems desperate for food

    Hi all!

    Let me just say that I understand the reasons to wait until 6 months or older to give solids; I don't do commercial baby cereal; and my first daughter wasn't really interested in solids until near 1 year old, so I'm not in a hurry for the sake of being in a hurry or anything. I understand that breastmilk is enough for at least 6 months.

    That said, my 4.5-month-old gets so mad that I won't give her food. She is nowhere near sitting up by herself and is only just getting good at using her hands to pick up big stuff - no pincer grasp, that's for sure - but she is obsessed with food. She is constantly in my arms, and it's wearing me down how angry she keeps getting when she lunges for the food I'm holding/eating/preparing and I won't give it to her. And it's only food she does this with, not everything, so it's not just that she's "interested in everything." I had let her suck on my apple twice, and finally today I mashed up some banana when she lunged at mine (and then got mad I wouldn't give any to her), and put some on a spoon. She definitely swallowed it, didn't do the tongue thrusting thing to get it out of her mouth. So I'm pretty confused. To make me more confused, we do have a history of food allergies (I am allergic to eggs and my husband was allergic to dairy when a baby), though my older daughter isn't allergic to anything.

    I don't know what I want exactly ... was anyone else's baby like this early on? She also has two teeth coming in already, but not front ones, oddly enough. I have considered that it might just be teething and wanting something in her mouth, but when I offer her a finger or a teething ring when she "asks" for food, she gets mad. But she'll take them at other times when she hasn't just been "teased" by having food go right by her face! Haha. Funny girl.

    I asked my local LLL leader and she basically said 2 things: meat is a good thing to start with, and "You're the Mommy!"

    Any thoughts??


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    Default Re: 4.5 months old and seems desperate for food

    With my 3 girls, I found that "interest in food" tends to be more about interest in what you're focused on. If I wasn't ready to give it to them (whatever they were focused on) I would give them a component of what I had. So if I was eating, I'd give them a spoon to play with. If I was drinking, I'd give them a plastic tea cup to play with. If I was cooking, I'd give them a wooden spoon, etc. It redirected their focus and took it off of what I didn't feel they were physically ready for.

    It's not always easy, but in the big scheme of things, it's only another 6 weeks to hold her off of getting solids and getting her digestion system to mature a little more.
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    Default Re: 4.5 months old and seems desperate for food

    with the PP. Give her a bowl and spoon or cup to play with. She'll get so excited to "be like mom" that she'll probably stop lunging for your food.

    If you want to give her food but not have her really eat, you could try giving her a mostly clean bone to chew on (clean it with your hands or a utensil, not your own mouth- mouth-to-mouth food sharing increases the risk for dental decay) or a whole peeled apple. Those are fun for baby to chew/lick/taste- but she's unlikely to be able to get anything off them and into her tummy.

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