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Thread: Please help with weaning

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    Default Please help with weaning

    I'd appreciate any help or opinions about this.

    My daughter is nine months old. She has been exclusively breastfed (except for a few bottles at the beginning) until six months, when we began trying to introduce solid foods. She has never liked solid food, though I introduce her to everything I can (one at a time). She had real trouble with gagging at the beginning, whcih she now seems to be over, but she's still mostly uninterested. There are a few things she will taste, and sometimes she seems to enjoy, but after a few nibbles, she turns her nose up. She hardly eats solid food at all - maybe half a tablespoon full a day. She will take a cup, but mostly just for fun (she doesn't even drink a full ounce per day from the cup). So, almost all of her nourishment still comes from breastmilk, and I nurse on demand. And she is demanding! She doesn't use a dummy, so needs to nurse to be comforted.

    I would, ideally, like to be feeding just in the morning and at night (and during the night, as necessary), but I don't know how to do it. I would like to continue to nurse her until at least a year but the pace that we're going at now has got to slow down.

    I've read that I should cut out a feeding, but her feedings have no clear beginning or end, so I wouldn't know how to do this.

    Does anyone else know how to wean a demanding nine month old who nurses on demand, doesn't use a dummy, and isn't really interested in a cup or solid food?

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    Default Re: Please help with weaning

    Hi mesta. It's not unusual for babies to be uninterested in solids at 9 months. Some show all the signs of readiness to take on complementary foods around the first half of the first year, others take longer. Losing that gag reflex (nature's way of protecting them from eating things they shouldn't too early on, like mine does picking up trash off the ground!) is one sign of readiness. Breastmilk provides all the nutrition your baby needs, even well past 6 months and beyond.

    That's good that you set a goal for yourself. Something that has helped me is to be reminded that "This, too, shall pass." When she's ready, she'll be interested in solid foods and may get less of her nutrition at the breast.

    That may not answer your specific question, but I hope it gives you a bit of encouragement that you're doing the right thing by paying attention to her likes and dislikes and listening to her.

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    Default Re: Please help with weaning

    My DS is about 9 1/2 months old and I could have written a very similar post just 2 or 3 weeks ago. In hind sight I think there was also a growth spurt involved. I guess my thought would be try to hang in there with the nursing on demand at least until she picks up with the amount of solids she is interested in eating. Just in the last week my DS has started nursing a little less and eating a lot more. We give him pieces of table food and he really likes to pick them up at eat them himself, so he is easily able to set his own pace.

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