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Thread: One year nursing trends.

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    Lightbulb One year nursing trends.

    Hello again mommas! We hit the one year mark this week. Wow.

    Early on in my nursing career (ha!) and momma career really, I religiously tracked everything. As I'm sure a lot of first time moms do... As I grew more comfortable with things, I dropped all the tracking...diapers, sleep, nap times, and learned to just go with the flow. The one thing that I kept tracking during all that time was nursing. Initially, I let it irritate me. Why is he nursing longer now? Why is he nursing more frequently? Why are we going backwards?! But I figured out through a lot of reading and lurking here that what I was experiencing was perfectly normal. Just as our appetites ebb and flow over the course of weeks and months, so does a baby's. Anyway, despite knowing all that, I decided to continue tracking. Not to torture myself, but because I was curious. I'm a scientist too and it helped me mentally to look back during the hard times and really recognize how far we had come.

    I realize that every child and every nursing relationship is different, but I wondered if maybe my stats would help some mommas here. And so I present, the statistics of 12 months of breastfeeding.

    November 27-30 2011: 17 hours 54 minutes, 55 sessions
    December 2011: 104 hours 55 minutes, 357 sessions
    January 2012: 74 hours 46 minutes, 217 sessions
    February 2012 (came down with RSV and mom returns to work part time, 2 and a half days a week): 35 hours 55 minutes, 154 sessions
    March 2012: 43 hours 18 minutes, 164 sessions
    April 2012: 37 hours 3 minutes, 190 sessions
    May 2012 (started some solids): 25 hours 49 minutes, 172 sessions
    June 2012: 22 hours 16 minutes, 175 sessions
    July 2012: 19 hours 31 minutes, 181 sessions
    August 2012 (eating 3 solid meals a day): 14 hours 6 minutes, 180 sessions
    September 2012: 13 hours 49 minutes, 192 sessions
    October 2012 (started crawling): 8 hours 56 minutes, 131 sessions
    November: 7 hours 53 minutes, 141 sessions

    Yeah, this doesn't include my time pumping while at work. And I know I'm a crazy person for dong this! I just think looking back now how interesting it is! This kid LOVES solids. So it's interesting to me that he still nursed just as frequently, if for less time, even when we started doing three solid meals a day. And holy cow did mobility change things up! At this point he isn't walking on his own yet and we're still nursing 5-6 times a day.

    I hope someone else finds this helpful! I know I did on those growth spurt days.

    Cheers, mommas!
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    Default Re: One year nursing trends.

    Neat! Thanks for sharing! (And yes, you're crazy for doing this. )

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    Default Re: One year nursing trends.

    wow!! how awesome to have this record, though i can't even imagine how you tracked every single time. amazing!
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