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Thread: Pretty sure this isn't a bleb...

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    Default Pretty sure this isn't a bleb...

    Hi Ladies,

    I have a white blister, pimple like thing (small-ish) on the bottom side of my right nipple. It hurts like crazy ONLY when LO is nursing. It feels like a pimple or a canker sore when you push on it. Or, like he is nursing with a mouthful of knives. So, not pleasant.

    I am 99% sure it is not a bleb. I've had little bits of dried milk in the tip of my nipple twice before and this 1) looks different and 2)feels different. I also don't have any signs of a plugged duct.

    If I had to guess, I would guess this is a result of one or a combination of factors: occasional crappy latch caused by LO's gymnastic nursing techniques, his latch of proper/gentle release when he falls asleep, and/or his absolute persistence on twisting, pulling, pinching, etc. that nipple when he is sleepy and nursing on the other side (a habit I am finding VERY hard to break--any advice on that is also welcome). But, I don't know what it is or how to get rid of it. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Pretty sure this isn't a bleb...

    I had something sort of like like this once when my oldest was an older baby or toddler. same place to. i had no clue what it was and i was too busy to have anyone look at it. now I think it may have been a 'friction blister' for lack of a better term. It was small, hard, red, and hurt like a blankety blank.

    Mine did eventually go away. While I had it, i tried to vary the nursing position of baby so he was not 'hitting' that spot the same way every time. I also tried the general advice for painful nipples-let baby nurse on other side first, that kind of thing. Or switching him back to other side when it hurt too much. I think I used lanolin on it as well. salt water healing treatments (soaking the area in a warm salt water solution) are recommended sometimes as well.

    but you can have a bleb without other obvious signs of a plug. Bleb treatments could help in any case. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/
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    Default Re: Pretty sure this isn't a bleb...

    I had several painful blebs that were exactly what you are talking about in terms of how they felt. It looked like a whitehead. I unroofed it and within a couple of nursing sessions, he sucked the bled out and the pain went away. Are you meaning on your nipple, or on your areola? I've had an inflamed area on my areola once or twice too but I think those are just oil glands or something.
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    Default Re: Pretty sure this isn't a bleb...

    Ok so I have had what I'm sure was a bleb - white spot just below the tip of the nipple, and serious engorgement up from that spot, which cleared after a long hot shower and manual expression.

    But when it came back, I picked at it, and now there's no engorgement- just the painful white spot right on the very tip of the nipple.

    My DD is 13 months and now has 10 teeth. Just within the past week or so it has become really painful to nurse - especially excruciating when she rears back to pull on the nipple, while pushing with her hands, something that used to be annoying but not painful. I had thought the pain was the bleb, but now am thinking it's teeth... I'm led to believe that since the other night I went to pump a bit (after having dental anesthetic) and noticed blood coming out!! Then I found it was originating from an abrasion on the side of the nipple - like where the nipple and areola join.

    Ugh!! So I'm thinking a lot of this can be resolved with latch, but how? She's 1 and not vocal, so bad habits are entrenched and not great at responding to "open wide".

    I have found that it's more comfortable when I sit up vs. side-lying. Do

    Advice? Should I go see a LC? I don't want to progress to having a pussing open wound!
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