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Thread: Painful burning sensation after feed

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    Default Painful burning sensation after feed

    I've been EBF my 3.5 month DD and I've just started experiencing painful burning sensations after a feed. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what I was experiencing or a remedy. Here are my symptoms:

    * Painful burning sensation / shooting pains deep in the breast tissue (not the nipple - that is fine). It almost feels like my breasts are on fire! It starts about 10 minutes after a feed and continues for about 1-2 hours.
    * It doesn't happen all the time. Its happened after 3 feeds in the past week. Sometimes I've had more mild versions of the pain during other points in the week.
    * I'm not experiencing any pain during the feed and my nipples seem ok. In fact, a feed seems to relieve some of the pain.
    * Cold compresses help relieve the pain too.
    * The pain has mainly been in my left breast, but I've had milder pains in my right too.
    * I've had recurrent bouts of mastitis but this pain is very different - and I don't have mastitis at the moment (just thought I would mention it).
    * DD is still feeding ok, gaining weight ok and showing no signs of fussing at the breast. She isn't showing any symptoms of thrush either (which I considered as a possible cause, but I've read that thrush makes a feed itself painful, and mine aren't).

    Anyone have any ideas what this could be?

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    Are you having any nipple blanching? I know that shooting pain in the breasts can be part of vasospasms, but not everyone has nipple pain with the vasospasm. I wonder if that could be part of it? Although the cold compress thing doesn't really jive with that, usually cold triggers vasospasm. I'm afraid I don't have any ideas otherwise...hopefully other mamas will!

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    No, I haven't experienced any blanching.

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    Burning pain in between feedings always makes me think thrush.

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    I was wondering if you found any solutions to your problem. I have been having the same problem for several weeks. My doctor doesn't know what's causing it either. I figured out that I have recurring plugged ducts and I have tried nursing more frequently and warm compresses which help, but the problem comes back every other day. I'm at my wits end!

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    I still haven't found an answer unfortunately. I have been to the doctors and they ruled out thrush, and gave me antibiotics for mastitis, on the assumption that although I don't have mastitis symptoms, there could be an underlying infection (which would also explain why I keep getting repeat bouts of mastitis).

    Since then, I have taken the antibiotics and I have had no repeat episodes of mastitis (one bit of good news!). However, I am still experiencing the burning sensation. Some days are manageable, but sometimes its still painful. I spoke to a lactation consultant today who couldn't really advise but suggested I go back to the doctor. She did suggest that perhaps I had some scar tissue from the mastitis (I did get a really bad bout once where I had clogged ducts across that breast which took an entire week to remove), and perhaps the scar tissue is causing the pain in my milk ducts.

    I was also wondering if its possibly a painful letdown? I really would love to know. Its very frustrating as I've battled through so many problems since starting breastfeeding and finally thought I'd got past it all!

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    I have the same symptoms as you, and it's so frustrating because the doctors and lactation consultant can't figure out what it is. They say they've never heard about these strange symptoms before, but yet, I find so many women posting on forums with the exact same symptoms as me (and you!). The problem is, I haven't found out what "cured" these women, since they didn't come back and post what happened afterwards. I'm getting so desperate for an answer!! I get this pain every morning, and sometimes at other feedings too.

    What I came up with last night, after HOURS of reading stuff online, is that it's possibly ductal thrush, which requires high doses of oral fluconazole for 2 weeks. I asked for this prescription, but they're recommending gentian violet topically instead. I thought i read something about topical treatments being ineffective against ductal thrush. I've been suffering with this pain for 2 months already!! I'm willing to try anything, but feel like i'm wasting time by trying these other treatments in the meantime. I just want the strong stuff to knock it out!!!

    Please let us know if you find any relief or cure for this horrible pain!!!

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    I got this too! Around 3-mos. I researched and thought thrush but symptoms didn't match. I just kept my nipples really clean and eventually it went away (within a couple of weeks)... sorry I'm no help but wanted you to know I got it too and it went away on its own w/o meds. Hope it clears for you soon -- good luck!

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    I finally traced my symptoms to a milk blister, bleb. It was hard to see until I looked for it in the shower. It took several tries to pop it and it is still healing,but the shooting pains are gone. I found this thread to be incredibly helpful. http://www.mothering.com/community/t...my-aching-bleb
    Wish I had discovered this with my first as the same symptoms lead me to wean early.

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    Default Re: Painful burning sensation after feed

    Thank you so much for updating your progress!! I really appreciate your time in coming back to let us know!! I'm happy that you're no longer in pain! I still have yet to find an answer to the cause of my pain. Gentian violet didn't seem to help. We are going back and forth about whether this is thrush or not. At one point, we were thinking that it could be the breast refilling with milk (after 10 hours overnight of no breastfeeding) that was the cause.

    Now that you mention the milk blister or bleb.... i did notice i had one that would come and go for the last few months. I still had the burning pain (every morning!!) whether I had the bleb or not. I will have to have a really close look again tonight in the shower.

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