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Thread: Crying and screaming when milk supply is low, HELP!!!

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    Default Crying and screaming when milk supply is low, HELP!!!

    I have a 3 week old baby girl and when she nurses she does great as long as my breast are really full, if they are flimsy and not exploding she just screams and cries and won't latch on but for a second then scream then latch on for a second and scream. I feel so bad cause I don't know what to do. Every time my breast aren't exploding with milk she does this and doesn't eat. I need suggestions and any help possible! I really want to continue to nurse but Im feeling discouraged and want to give up at times.


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    Default Re: Crying and screaming when milk supply is low, HELP!!!

    Welcome to the forum!

    Questions for you:
    - Are you breastfeeding exclusively, no bottles, no pacifiers?
    - How has baby's diaper output and weight gain been so far?
    - Is there a period of the day, perhaps in the later afternoon/evening, when fussiness increases?
    - How many times in a 24 hour period does your daughter generally nurse?
    - Poops: mostly yellowish and seedy/curdy, or more frequently greenish/brownish and watery?
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