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    Hi Ladies,

    Coming up on 48 hours ago my right breast was swollen hugely. It was like a blister of milk under the skin. I started doing the hot shower, nursing, massage etc. and I think finally last night I cleared the blockage. It is hard to tell, as I cleared the backed up milk, but even after that there seemed to be more collected, and a significant red area. Now there seems to be just the large red area, and my breast feels slightly 'bruised'. So, my question is how long should I expect the red area to be there, as long as it doesn't swell up again. I have no other symptoms or fever. I suspect it was caused by my daughter sleeping the night suddenly. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a good nursing bra to sleep in. I have been sleeping without, and am COMPLETELY soaked come morning. Thanks in advance - FYI fed my first DD for 14months with no blocked ducts, so I'm kind of freaking out

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    What you describe sounds like a nipple blister (http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/) combined with a bad plugged duct that got close to turning into mastitis (http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/). I don't know how long you can expect to see the red patch, because healing is diffent in every mom. But I do think you need to be extra careful to watch for mastitis symptoms- return of the plug, increased redness/red streaks, pain, fever or chills, aches and pains.

    Since you're dealing with a possibly plug-prone breast, I would advise against sleeping in a bra. Anything that puts pressure on the breast is probably not your friend at this point, since plugs often spring up at pressure points generated by a bra. Underwire bras are notorious for causing plugs. So for sleeping I'd advise using a towel under your chest area, and maybe a waterproof pad under your sheet.

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