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Thread: Changes in the production of milk

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    Default Changes in the production of milk

    Hello moms!
    My name is Citlali. I´am breastfeeding my girl since she was born. Now she is 3,5 months and I am so happy to give breast to her. Everything is fine but I was noticing that since 1 week more or less, my breasts are not as "full" as before. I have the impression that I am producing less milk as my breasts are smaller even before feeding. My girl is fine. She do not seem to be hungry, but she is sucking longer time and she is pushing my breast with her hand while she is feeding, something that she was not doing one week before. I am wondering if the composition of my milk is changing? Maybe you know why the production of milk dimished suddenly?
    I would be happy to receive some information about this if any!

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    Hi, and welcome! An excellent way to tell if there are issues with your supply is to count diapers. Is she having enough wet/poopy ones? Are there any concerns about her weight? As your milk supply evens out, it's normal for your breasts to not feel engorged: it doesn't mean that you're not making enough milk anymore, just that you're making the right amount!

    As for her pushing your breasts with her hands, I think that's completely normal. My DD is around the same age, and she's started to do that too. They're at the stage where they're just discovering what they can do with their hands, and what a great place to try them out!

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    Hi Mama! Welcome to the forums! I think you're right around the time that, like carm3 said, that your supply becomes "just enough" and your breasts don't feel quite as full. If your DD is acting fine, peeing and pooping well and hitting her milestones, then you have little to worry about! Once she hits a growths spurt, she'll be demanding more and your supply will adjust again - our bodies are so smart! As for pushing against your breast, I also agree with carm3 - she's starting to be able to really DO things now and her little personality might be coming out! Within a week or two, it'll be something else

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    with the PPs. Once your supply regulates to be "just enough" it's totally normal to rarely if ever feel full.

    Milk production is typically greatest when the baby is a newborn, because when milk is really abundant it's easy for the baby to get plenty of it even though she is just starting to master the tricky skill of breastfeeding. But the body doesn't want to overproduce milk in the long term, because making extra milk is a waste of energy and puts a mom at higher risk for unpleasant things like plugged ducts and mastitis. And it's that extra milk that makes you feel full.

    Pushing the breast with the hand is something a lot of babies do. It could just be baby's way of exploring her world and her newfound hand skills. But it could also be helping her to nurse. A lot of babies "knead" the breast as they nurse to hasten milk flow. Actually, a lot of baby animals have similar behaviors- kittens and puppies knead their moms as they nurse, and calves, kids, lambs, and foals will sometimes head-butt their moms' udders to get the milk flowing. Makes you glad you're not a cow, right?!

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