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Thread: Nursing gymnastics at nap/bed time

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    Default Nursing gymnastics at nap/bed time

    Hi Ladies, My 10.5 month old, who has recently learned how to roll, crawl etc, is really into crawling around and doing all kinds of crazy things when we lay down to nurse before a nap or bed. We co-sleep so we have our queen bed plus her crib side-carred.

    Has anyone else experienced something similar. Sometimes it is really hard to get her to sleep at all unless it is clear that I am going to sleep with her, i.e. pajamas on, all lights out etc. Sometimes she nurses then wants to crawl around and play. Other times she just gets into all kinds of strange positions and wants to nurse.

    I'm not sure if I should be really strict and not let her crawl around or nurse in strange positions. At this point it is not painfully, but she still only has two teeth. Any thought and advice is much appreciated!
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    Default Re: Nursing gymnastics at nap/bed time

    My LO is the same way. Well, not the part about nursing in strange positions, but definitely the crawling around/playing part. I feel like the only way around it is to wait until she's tired, then nurse her down. If she's not tired she won't nurse down, she'll just nurse and then continue playing. I guess if you feel like getting into pajamas and turning the lights off, you can do that too, recognizing that you may have to lie in bed for a while until she is deeply asleep.

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    Default Re: Nursing gymnastics at nap/bed time

    Yes, we went through this when DD was learning how to crawl. It was a phase that lasted about 6 weeks for us. Some nights we tried everything and ended up having to drive her around. It was the only thing that worked! It's temporary, but exhausting!

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    Default Re: Nursing gymnastics at nap/bed time

    Mine still does it at 13 months and walking (she will get up and STAND on the bed now). The only way is to nurse her down in cradle position in a chair, and transfer to the bed. Like PP, there are times when she just won't go to sleep and she just isn't tired, or she is too wired up. At those times I put her in the Ergo and do some tidying. Or I get my husband to look after her while I sleep, if it's late

    Right now we have just done the nursing gymnastics, a huge Ergo tidy, more nursing in cradle position, and nothing has worked so here she is on my lap watching the letters as I type this

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