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Thread: used pump too high, rash now

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    Hi, I have been pumping for 5 months, twice a day or so. This allows daddy to give a bottle for first night feed, and allow me to sleep. Also, I have a little stash if I need to go somewhere. Two weeks ago I had visitors, and stupidly started pumping at a higher strength (PISA) in order to finish pumping faster so I could get back to playing good host...So after a week or so of this I noticed I was getting a rash where the shield makes contact with the skin, and my nipples were getting sore. I quickly went back to a lower strength. Well, the nipples are fine now, but the rash is still there. Anyone experience this? Is there an OTC cream I could get to help it to heal? Thanks in advance.

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    Can you describe the rash? Is it itchy, bumpy, flaky, stinging, red? Any history of thrush or other yeast infections?

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