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    I have a 3 week old who is latching and feeding well. He is still eating a lot at night - sometimes only an hour between feedings (also through the day, but it's worse for me at night). I have found side lying to be a big saver for me as I can doze off during feedings. I have a co-sleeper crib attached to the bed next to me and keep DS in my bed between me and his bed for most of the night. This works great for feeding him from my left side. Any suggestions on how to get feedings from my right side without having to move too much? I have been trying to twist over him, but it hurts my c-section a bit. As a result have been very left-sided at night. Is it ok as long as I balance it out during the day?

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    Eating a lot at night is perfectly normal at this point. It's pretty much impossible to try and organize feeding times with a babe this young. But it won't last forever, I promise. You are doing the exact right thing nursing in bed, that's the best way to get sleep with a baby who nurses a lot at night. Can you pull baby onto your chest and lay back to let him nurse on the right? Or even roll to your other side with him? That might not feel great with the c-section incision either. Or maybe you could pull a pillow up under him to prop him up to reach your top boob? You wouldn't want to fall asleep like that, though, it's not as safe for baby.

    Really, if none of that works it's not a huge deal especially if, like you said, you balance it out at other feedings. Again, one of those things that won't last too long. The incision will start to feel better in the next couple of weeks and that won't be so much of an issue.

    Congrats on your baby!
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    welcome myapple! I also had c-sections and I have found nursing in a laid back position with baby on top vital for nights until my incision felt better. you want your body propped up at least a bit on pillows so you are not flat, but otherwise, you can be in any amount of recline you prefer and baby can be in any position, so adjust as needed so baby is not on your incision. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

    Now after healing, i still nurse this way sometimes but mostly I side lie, and do the 'hug baby to chest and back roll' to bring baby over to my other side as needed. doing the lean over move worked great with my middle son but I have not mastered it yet with my new daughter.

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    I'm another c-section mom and I couldn't lie on my side at all for several weeks! What I found worked was taking a body pillow, folding it in half and putting it against my headboard. I'd then put a regular pillow or two on top and lean against it all. It allowed me to recline and nurse, and though I couldn't sleep that way, I could close my eyes and be a lot more comfortable than in the glider.

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