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Thread: Dehydration and pedialyte

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    So my 10 month old is suffering through a bout of throwing up and diarrhea. We're in our second day of it. We took him to the doctor and they said unless he's ruuning a temp >103, we need to let it run its course. He's not running a high temp.
    He is keeping enough down to make wet diapers and his spirits are good despite not feeling good.
    We added a teaspoon of pedialyte to his solids, just to give him a little source of electrolytes. Otherwise, he is ebf.
    I'm not keen on the pedialyte use, I'm a firm believer that breast is best. But I want to make sure he's not missing anything from his diet.
    Now we're getting pressure from family members (that may not be pro-breast feeding) that he needs more pedialyte than what we're already giving him.
    Please, mommies who have gone through this before reassure me that what we're already doing is ok and that pedialyte isn't necessary for a breast fed baby.

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    With a sick little one you may be too busy for an entire article but there is so much good info here I just wanted to post the whole thing. hae one of your helpful relatives read it to you while you nurse your baby, maybe.
    The take away is that pedialyte is only helpful for a breastfed baby if that baby is not getting or keeping down enough breastmilk and thus is becoming overly dehydrated. Skip to the botton for a pedialyte vs. breastmilk scoreboard.

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    No need for Pedialyte as long as baby is being nursed on demand and staying hydrated. Breastmilk contains everything Pedialyte does, in terms of electrolytes, plus fat and protein, which Pedialyte doesn't have. From a nutritional standpoint, breastmilk is much better than Pedialyte, which is for use in formula-fed babies or in breastfed babies who are dehydrated and not nursing.

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    the scoreboard

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