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Thread: pale areola - cause?

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    Default pale areola - cause?

    My areola seems to be quite washed out/pale (permanently I believe) in the area where my baby latches. I do have some dark outer edges. And then my nipples are pink/red (but that's due to over active letdown/clamping I think). Any thoughts?

    I'm thinking I may have reynauds (nipples hurt at any change in temperature, felt like knives on let down, but now that I'm keeping warmer that sensation is slowly going away). Could this just be part of reynauds? Because I know that with reynauds it is more of a temporary color change... which I only get if they get really cold (ie, when I was rinsing with cold water after feeding I'd get some white coloring on the very tips of my nipples - oops!). But this areola discoloring isn't really temporary at all.

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    I cannot find anything in my breastfeeding textbook about this kind of discoloration on the areola. That does not meant it is not there, I may just be looking up the wrong things...There is lots of info about Raynaud's but again, nothing about the areola or permanent/ongoing blanching of nipple or areola.

    Are you able to see a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC?) I am wondering if thrush or a bacterial infection may be involved, in the pain and/or the discoloration.

    Plus there is medication for Raynaud's if other methods of treating it are not working well for you. And improving latch (if needed) is always helpful in nipple pain situations, and an IBCLC should be able to help there as well.

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    I wonder if it's a hormonal issue. Or perhaps it's just a reaction to being injured with a clamping latch .I do spray (and do so throughout the feeding too I've noticed, not just at the start). And the bottom part of my nipple always looks a little puffy during feeding, and I get a lot of pinching sensations during feeding too, when he seems to be relatching, I feel a break, a pinch, and then he tugs everything back in - not quite sure exactly what's going on in his mouth but that must be adding to the injury.

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    Yeah, I would strongly suggest seeing an IBCLC if the pain does not improve. That sounds owie. but I am clueless about the color changes.

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