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Thread: Big vomits in 5 month old

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    Default Big vomits in 5 month old

    My 5 month old occasionally has really BIG vomits. Sometimes they are out of the blue - she'll just throw up absolutely everything that could be in her tummy. Other times she'll get a little choked while nursing (usually it's because she's fallen asleep and isn't as actively swallowing and my milk let's down), gag and then everything will come up. Those times seem like they have a more obvious fix - unlatch her when she's so asleep she isn't actively swallowing (or try to keep her roused). But when she just randomly vomits, it's pretty upsetting. She doesn't have other reflux symptoms. I'm unsure of her current weight, but she was fine at her 4 month checkup. 50th percentile (up from 35th at 2 months). I kind of expected these large vomits to ease as she got a little older....?

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    Default Re: Big vomits in 5 month old

    Some babies continue to spit up until much closer to a year. My second kid was still a huge spitter at 6 months and an occasional spitter at close to her first birthday. Just be patient! Eventually her sphincters are going to get better at holding her food down where it belongs. In my experience, spitting up tends to ease when the baby starts to spend more time sitting up instead of lying down. If your LO hasn't yet managed to sit up, that could explain some of the continued spitting.

    Just keep reminding yourself that when spit-ups happen without evidence of pain in a baby who is gaining weight at a normal rate, they're a laundry issue, not a health issue.

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