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Thread: Trouble Nursing 20 Week Old

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    My daughter has been giving me trouble during the day lately. She will latch on for a minute or two and then start crying and refuse to nurse. This is making it impossible tto get her into a routine and her sleeping at night is terrible! I've tried nursing her in a dark, quiet room, letting her tell me when she is hungry etc. I don't know what else to do. She needs to eat and I was really hoping a routine would get her to sleep thru the night too... :-(

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    Welcome to the forum!

    5 months is a really distractible stage. It is also a prime time for teething and for mastering new motor skills. That combination of things can conspire to wreck routines and make long stretches of nighttime sleep a distant memory. I am very sorry to say that I think you probably need to let go of the hope that your baby will sleep through the night. You just have too many teeth and too many developmental milestones to get through in the next year.

    Does it help at all to hear that this is all really normal, and when a mom posts a cry for help about sleep, it usually comes right in the 4-6 month window? Although this is all normal, I also feel that when a baby suddenly changes her nursing pattern and her sleep worsens, it makes sense to see the pediatrician and have someone check her for an ear infection, because sometimes that's the explanation.

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    Thanks for the advice, LO has never slept thru the night except for maybe 6-7 times since she was born, I'm so exhausted and then her refusal to nurse makes it even harder on me. Like I'm doing something wrong because all my friends kids are doing fine. Just need some encouragement to keep trying I guess.

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