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Thread: One sided nursing during evening fussy period

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    Default One sided nursing during evening fussy period

    Hey all, just a question about breast preference. My LO goes through some crazy fussy period in the evening and will only nurse from the left side. When she wakes to feed during the night, I feed her from the right. Is this going to effect supply on the right side? She literally attaches herself around 8ish at night and nurses/fusses on/off until she finally goes to bed around 12or 1.

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    It's possible you could end up with a bit higher production on one side than the other. But if she's not rejecting the right side at other times and you're making a point to start her off on that side for later feedings, it probably won't cause a drastic difference.

    A lot of moms have one breast that produces more than the other, for whatever reason.

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