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Thread: So sad today

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    I made it to my goal of nursing my son for 2 years. Yay! He was still nursing at naptime, bedtime and a couple other times a day. Until Sunday. He came down with a fever followed by a sore throat. Now he won't nurse at all. 1st time in his life he went all night without nursing. He hasn't nursed in almost 24 hours now. He just says "boo boo". Breaks my heart.

    My hubby seems to think he will start nursing again once his throat is better, but I'm not so sure. He is very adamant that he doesn't want "muk" anymore.

    I am very thankful for making my goal of 2 years, but very sad it ended this way.

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    It's not necessarily over, mama. My kid nursed once or twice after I thought she was done, and she was a lot older than your LO. She might have kept nursing if I'd been more open to it.

    And if it is over, then job well done!!! It's a time of your life that you're going to look back on with love and pride and warm feelings. The sadness will fade, I promise!

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    I agree with mommal and your DH--it's not necessarily over! My son is younger than yours (21 months now), but he had tonsillitis earlier this fall (at 18.5 months) and wouldn't nurse for 2 days, including overnights. I would offer and he'd push me away or shake his head "no" quite vigorously. Once he started feeling better, he went back to nursing just as much, if not more, than he had before.

    If it is over--feel proud that you have made it to 2 years! That is an awesome accomplishment
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    I also have the same situation as you. My LO is 20 months, and hasnt nursed for about 53 hours. He puts his mouth on it but no sucking. He has a sore throat virus. But Im just going to go ahead a wean him. He doesnt really ask for it, doesnt show much interest at all. He has always nursed at bedtime. The past two nights, Ive been playing lullabyes and rocking him to sleep. Good luck!

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