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Thread: Baby Banned From Breastfeeding!

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    I was wondering if anyone had any advice?.... My husband and I own and run a small aviation business out of our local county owned, public airport. I keep my daughter with us and nurse her about once a day. The airport manager recently banned my daughter from the airport saying breastfeeding is "unprofessional" and he "wasn't going to have it". We of course protested, explaining that legally he can't do this and after a huge amount of support from our small town his compromise was to terminate our lease and tell us to move our business! We have gotten some media attention; http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2012...ur-child-here/. But so far it's not enough and the clock is ticking...... Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Do you have a lawyer? You need one.
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    Yeah. You obviously need a lawyer. NOW. And They should be able to get you an order to at least keep the business open until all this is figured out. In court. Which is where you are going when you don't have all your stuff moved out by the end of the year right? Right. That's where you want it go. And not only should you fight to keep your business and to be able to feed your baby at the airport, you should have his job AND sue for emotional distress.

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