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Thread: Is it easier to travel w/ LO if you're still BF?

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    Default Re: Is it easier to travel w/ LO if you're still BF?

    I just went on a 6 hour flight with 2 layovers by myself with a 5 month old. BF pretty much saved my life during that trip. My son HATES to be constrained. His threshold for holding is like 30 minutes max, so needless to say, 30 minutes into our trip we had a major meltdown. Combined that with being overtired and you have a nightmare situation! It was so nice to just pop him on and lull him to sleep or just calm him down whenever I needed to. I nursed him when he was tired, anxious & hungry and helped make the trip a pleasant one.

    Here is what worked for me:
    1) The window seat worked out much better for us. I could BF discreetly by turning into the window. My LO HATES covers, and while we had to use them a few times when I was seated in places where I could be seen, it was much easier to just lean into the window where nobody knew what was going on.
    2) Nurse in the baby carrier. I have an ERGO and it was a massive help during layovers. I would simply latch him on as we were deplaning and nurse him while connecting flights. In fact, on our last connection he nursed in the ergo, fell asleep and I left him in the ergo the whole 2 hour flight (getting my seat belt on w/o waking him was a miracle!).

    BF was our secret travel weapon….I had a generally calm baby the whole way thanks to nursing.

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    Default Re: Is it easier to travel w/ LO if you're still BF?

    Just wanted to second nursing in a carrier. You can ditch the nursing cover and use a small burp cloth on your chest. On some flights you will not be allowed to have the baby in a carrier in your seat, fyi. Especially when the seatbelt light is on, so be flexible. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Is it easier to travel w/ LO if you're still BF?

    I would keep nursing if I were you. Settling a stressed out baby will be MUCH easier if you can offer nursing.

    I have what I call my "nursing blanket". It's a square yard blanket. For winter, 2 pieces of flannel. For summer, 2 pieces of cotton. I lay the baby down on one edge and wrap it around their back. There's a lot left over on top. I then arrange it sort of like a shield, to block the view of others. It's nice, because it's still open on top, baby can see you and they typically don't bother to swat at it (which I found they did with covers ). You can make it higher or lower as you need. Unless someone is on top of you, they won't see anything and better yet, lessens the distractions of your baby.

    Practice before you go. I'd see if I could get a window seat on my travels for more privacy. I think nursing will be your saviour while traveling! Consider weaning later, or not.
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    Default Re: Is it easier to travel w/ LO if you're still BF?

    Oh, mammal, you always make my day.

    Here's a nightmare to scare you into BF'ing for this trip: I flew with my ds at about 6 mo and he was fully on formula at the time. We were crammed in the middle seat between his carseat (I'll never do that again!) on the left and a VERY large man to the right. Baby was very crabby. I brilliantly made a bottle for him (not easy with the space constraints) and proceeded to feed him. I noticed that he seemed to be drinking really fast... too fast... why is it draining so fast? OH! The bottle had leaked all over us. Now I was wet, and far worse, he was wet, and even worse than that, the last of the formula was gone. Cue screaming, which lasted the rest of the flight. As a bonus, the bottle (wet) slipped out of my hand as I was fumbling to figure out where it was leaking from and rolled to the back of the plane.

    BF'ing is the way to go on any flight!!
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    Default Re: Is it easier to travel w/ LO if you're still BF?

    thanks for your responses mamas! the tips and advice are awesome!! ohsmama--yes, that story is motivation enough to keep BF!! dear lord, what a tough flight!

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