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Thread: Only one boob works!

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    With my first child my right boob that produced less completely dried up at 3 months. I continued bfeeding for 5 more months on one boob. Pumped my R side regularly for month and only drops of milk.
    Second child same thing at 3 months. Anything I use to increase my milk supply work on L side but not on R. My R boob is like detached from my body, never gets engorged, produces no milk, etc. I pump about 3 oz every 3 hrs on L wich is a decent amount.
    Asked multiple doctors etc. NOBODY knows anything and all just redirect me with comments like"you are not that young, etc"


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    I'm sorry your doctors brushed you off with the ridiculous and offensive comments about your age. What they should have told you is that it is absolutely normal for milk production to vary between breasts. Human beings are not perfectly symmetrical, after all! And often babies contribute to milk production asymmetry by favoring the higher producing breast, and giving less stimulation to the lower producing breast. While it is normal for different breasts to produce different amounts of milk, most moms can exert some control over how much milk they have on a given side by increasing stimulation to the underperforming breast. This means offering it to the baby more often and pumping it more frequently and for longer periods when they are at work. If you're working outside the home, you may have a special challenge with the underperforming side, because the pump just isn't as stimulating to supply as the baby. So don't feel bad if you're pumping your heart out on the right, and still not getting the results you want. Luckily, most moms can nurse with just one breast- humans are basically designed this way, just in case we give birth to twins.

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