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Thread: nursing three month to sleep every time

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    Default nursing three month to sleep every time

    Just a little concerned, it would be great to hear from mothers of older babies and find out what worked for you. I am ebfing my 3 month old, and we have been co sleeping since he was a few weeks old. But he does not nap during the day. You can tell he is overtired, but he can only sleep in my arms or if I am napping with him there to give him breast any time he wakes up. Any time he stirs at night or starts to get fussy I just give him the breast. So pretty much he gets full access all night. Is my co sleeping causing him not to nap?? he gets a few 15-30 min naps in a whole day. Any tips on getting him used tocrib after co sleeping so long. He doesnt know how to soothe himself... He cannot fall asleep unless nursing, for example if we are in the car he screams from being overtired but he needs to be eating to fall asleep. We get home and I give him the breast and he is out right away. I lay him down after that and he is usually awake in 15 minutes. Any mothers out there nursed to sleep every time?? or any mothers have infants that would not nap?? Did baby eventually learn to soothe and fall asleep by themselves. i dont believe in cry out method. Also, are there any good books on getting baby on good nap/sleep schedule?? He is a happy baby other than the times I can tell he is overtired and sometimes just howls with red eyes until I nurse him.

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    Default Re: nursing three month to sleep every time

    My 3 month old also doesn't sleep unless she's being held. Same as you, we cosleep at night and she nurses whenever she wants. During the day, she'll nurse to sleep and then I either hold her, or occasionally she'll let me put her down in her swing for a little while. The only other ways she falls asleep are if her dad walks around with her, or in the sling. From what I understand, it's pretty normal behaviour at this point. Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution has been suggested as a good read. I've got it but I've only made it through the first little bit, so I can't really give a review just yet! If you're really needing to get stuff done while baby sleeps, I recommend getting a sling or baby carrier if you don't already have one.

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    Default Re: nursing three month to sleep every time

    I BF my LO to sleep for naps and bed (and night wakings--don't forget those!!) and I have since he was born (he is now one week away from 1 year). I remember the days you are describing well. At first I really was frustrated by the fact that I couldn't ever slip away when he was napping and couldn't get any time to myself. Then, I decided to embrace it....I napped every time he napped. If I didn't feel like sleeping or had some work to do (I teach online as a side job), I'd just haul my laptop into the bed with us and work while he slept on me (amazingly, as long as the boob was there, he would just keep on sleeping while I typed away). Sometimes, I plugged in my earphones and watched a show I'd been wanting to catch up on. Granted, I didn't get to use that time to do things like clean up, cook dinner, etc. but I found I could very easily do those with baby in a sling or in a bouncy seat.

    Anyway, we do still "parent" him to sleep (nursing, patting, walking, etc.) But, once he falls asleep, I can get up and go about my day and don't have to lay there with him.. But, honestly--I miss my "excuse" to nap and I still sleep with him a lot because I love the cuddles and closeness.

    Hang in there.

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    Default Re: nursing three month to sleep every time

    Both of my boys have been very mommy-dependent for sleep at the beginning. My almost 5 year old now gets himself to sleep just fine my 4 month old is still really dependent, but he is learning. Today he took two naps lying on his own. Not very long, but we're learning. As your baby gets a bit older you can start to help them develop self-soothing skills. In the meantime, find a wrap or carrier that you like and let your baby hang out in there. He'll be close and will probably sleep/wake as he needs to. And you have your hands free(er) to do what you need to do.

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    Default Re: nursing three month to sleep every time

    Totally normal for such a young baby to depend on mom to transition into sleep. Don't think of co-sleeping and on-demand nursing as causing problems- think of them as solutions to the problem of normal but frustrating infant behavior!

    Do you have a sling, a swing, and a stroller? Those 3 tools can be invaluable for a mom who needs a little freedom during her baby's nap. My first kid napped in the swing until she was about a year, and then transitioned to napping in her crib. My second kid is 2.5 years old and still naps only in her stroller (or carseat)- but I don't care because I get to go for a walk every day and because I know that my toddler will eventually stop napping and then the daily stroller session will be a thing of the past!
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    Default Re: nursing three month to sleep every time


    I loved laying down and napping with my oldest. It was heaven on earth. Now I have a four month old that of course nurses to sleep which I love, but I can't nap...I am always having to get up and feed a kid or drive a kid somewhere. Ugh. Think breastfeeding is hard? Try being a gym mom. Just sayin. BTW baby just goes with, in a sling/carseat etc. What happens when she can say no? Then we are in trouble....

    All the ideas above are great, but I also just wanted to put a word in for the awesomeness of being able to be doing all a mommy really needs to do IN YOUR SLEEP WHILE NAPPING. In my book, being able to nurse a baby to sleep is one of the greatest perks of being a breastfeeding mom.

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    Default Re: nursing three month to sleep every time

    LO is 4.5 months and I had the same concerns! She also needs to be nursed to sleep for naps and at bedtime. When I posted the same question, everyone told me, EMBRACE IT! Because it most likely won't last. At some point, BF isn't going to be enough to get them down. Also, my friends say that they miss their LOs when they were this age. I have a feeling this time will go faster than I think so I decided to soak up the sun and enjoy our quality time. Nothing beats the feeling I get when I wake up to her smiling at me

    PS--our baby would also cry a lot when overtired (especially in the car). the closer she got to 4-months, she got better and now she doesn't cry like that anymore. she fusses a little bit then nods off... it might get better for you too as baby gets older!

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