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Thread: work 4 days/wk for 10hrs/day

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    Default work 4 days/wk for 10hrs/day

    well first let me say that i love breastfeeding. i have 2 children, my daughter is 3 and my son is 3 months 3 weeks. I didnt breastfeed my daughter for long (2 months). However, im hoping to breastfeed my son for atleast 1 year. heres the problem, since i returned to work ive been having trouble. it seems like my son prefers the bottle. i use playtex ventair bottles. when i do put him on the breast its almosst like hes not feeding enough or getting enough milk. it sometimes gets to the point where i have to make a bottle so he eats and he usually falls asleep. when i make a bottle its just warming up expressed milk. now how long should i be feeding on the breast? 10 min? 20? should he be sleeping right after? how many hrs should he be sleeping? im just worried im not successfully breastfeeding and im getting discouraged :/

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    Nurse for as long as the baby wants. More nursing is better, even if the baby is "only" comfort nursing. The more comfortable the baby is at the breast, and the more he turns to the breast to get his needs for cuddling and nutrition and sucking met, the better breastfeeding is going to go.

    At 3, almost 4, months, it's normal for a baby not to fall asleep after nursing, though many continue to do so.

    Baby should be sleeping about... I think it's around 12 hours total at this age...? But those hours are not in a row! Many babies will cat-nap throughout the day, 20 minutes here, 20 minutes there, and sleep for short 1-3 hour stretches during the night. At no point during the first year should you expect your baby to sleep longer than 5-6 hours without nursing.

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