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Thread: Sucking/clicking noises, misshaped nipple, discoloration

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    Unhappy Sucking/clicking noises, misshaped nipple, discoloration

    My daughter is now one month old. She has been exclusively breastfed since birth. she nurses continuesly. My left breast has an very forceful let down and she always gags and chockes when nursing on it, she also makes sucking clicking noises when she is nursing (on both breast). I've also had three milk blisters on the left breast.
    It hurts when she does the sucking clicking noises and I can feel it, almost like she is moving my nipple up and down. Also when she pulls of the breasts my nipple comes put misshaped almost flat at the edges.

    My real issue is that periodically my left nipple turns white and the pain is excruciating leaving my in tears every time. It happens on and off for a couple hours and then goes away for a few days.
    I really want to exclusively breastfeed for as long as possible but I don't know if I can handle this happening again. I looked up my local LLL meeting but it's not for a couple days and wanted some input!

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    Hello, and welcome!

    First off, don't be discouraged. You can do this, and you're definitely looking in the right places for help. At this point, your baby nursing constantly is perfectly normal. She is telling your body to make all the milk she needs to grow.

    It definitely sounds like you have a latch issue. Is there any way you can see a lactation consultant or call you local LLL leader for some one on one help? The left nipple is having vasospasms, and they really are quite painful! If it's just on one side, it does usually point to a latch issue. There's some really great info here http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/moth...ple-blanching/. Usually when you resolve the cause of the nipple trauma, ie the poor latch, the vasospasm will resolve on its own. In the meantime, keep warm, try using warn compresses on the nipple, and if you need to, take ibuprofen.

    As for the latch issue, I have personally found it best to use the technique of squishing the breast like a sandwich and bringing baby onto the nipple. I take it a bit further though and stick a bit of my thumb in her mouth to guide the nipple behind her top gums. I don't know of that will help you, but it's what I find helps.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

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    Default Re: Sucking/clicking noises, misshaped nipple, discoloration

    with the PP. This definitely sounds like a latch issue causing vasospasms.

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    This happened to me between 5-10 weeks on and off. I looked into it, and I believe it is due to a forceful let down. They unlatch or click their tongue to decrease the flow of milk to prevent choking, which had been happening. My nipples would get very sore every couple of days, and be super sensitive. When they were sore I would put lanolin cream on and it helped, especially at bedtime because this was the longest stretch without feeding. But I know the pain, it brought tears to my eyes a couple times. I would have to break the latch and catch my breath. A couple times my nipples were so sore I would pump and my husband would give a bottle. It does get better. My LO is 12 weeks now, and I haven't had an issue for at least a week or two. I think they are just learning just as much as we are!

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    Thanks! It would make perfect sense, it only happens in my left breast and on that side my milk goes EVERYWHERE. I have to cover it if the baby opens her mouth. I'm trying to improve our latch as well. Thanks so much for the input!!

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    Default Re: Sucking/clicking noises, misshaped nipple, discoloration

    Thanks! I looked it up and have been trying the "sandwich" technique and it's kinna worked. It's been alot of work and the LLL meeting is in a couple days so I'm looking forward to it. I truly appreciate the help'

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