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Thread: REFLUX and Spitting Up: HELP!

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    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum. Im very worried about my baby. She's 5 weeks old and 7 lbs and 4 oz (born 6 lbs and got down to 5 lb 4 oz). She spits up almost every time I burp her after she eats. About 2 weeks ago my doctor told me to start giving her 2 oz top off-s of formula 3 times a day in addition to breastfeeding her. She spits up breast milk a LITTLE bit more than formula but she really spits up both of them. When she spits up, it often comes out of her nose and she chokes on it and has labored breathing while this is happening and for a minute or 2 afterwards. We have tried EVERYTHING from shorter, more frequent feedings, burping often, to keeping her upright. I got her an incline sleeper which she sleeps in so she is never in a flat position.. i just dont know what to do at this point. My pediatrician keeps telling me its normal for a newborn but how is she ever going to gain weight if she spits up everything she eats? Its also very scary when the spit up comes out of her nose and she chokes. We ended up taking her to the ER last time it happened and the resident there gave me Zantac to give her. I don't want to give it to her. Tried it once and it was HORRIBLE. Does it sound like she actually has reflux? does anyone have experience with this?

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    I have had a reflux baby (had, he is a toddler now!), but I pumped exclusively for him so I can't answer you 100%, but the #1 sign of reflux is pain/"colic" screaming etc. how does she behave when she spits up? If she is not in pain, then it is probably not reflux but there are other conditions that can mimic it (pyloric stenosis, for example). Zantac? The normal medication to start with for reflux is Gaviscon, has that been tried yet?

    I would go to a children's hospital and/or demand to speak with a gastro-pediatrician (these specialists do exist). It took 5 doctors to get my son's diagnosis.

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    How has her weight gain been? If you can provide us with exact numbers that would be helpful.

    With reflux, there seem to be 2 types of babies: happy spitters and scrawny screamers. Spit-up that occurs without evidence of pain in a baby who is gaining weight at a normal pace is a laundry issue, not a health issue. Spit-up that occurs with pain (screaming, back arching) and poor weight gain is the type of reflux that tends to benefit from medical intervention. If Zantac didn't work for your LO, there are other alternatives, like Prevacid.

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    Yes, we need exact weight history. I am thinking that a five week old who has surpassed birth weight by 20 ounces would typically be thought to be doing just fine, weight gain wise. Right? Or is my math off?

    Also are you pumping as is typically recommended when supplements are given? How often does baby nurse-3 times a day with a top off, so, how many more times?

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    My now 2 year old had horrible reflux, it sounds almost exactly to what you're going through. I was misguided by my pediatrician at the time and I stopped breastfeeding when she was a month and a half old, I highly regret stopping. I switched her to a hypoallergenic formula and it wasn't until I had the right combo of medications that she got better and eventually started gaining weight.
    Zantac is the standard medication to begin with when a child had reflux (for my daughter we had to change her medications several times and eventually ended up with a combo of nexium, Zantac and maalox) I highly recommend you go see a gastroenterogist and have her checked out.

    Good luck! I know it can be so frustrating having them spit up and cry all the time. It will get better!

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