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Thread: reflux from fast letdown?

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    Default reflux from fast letdown?

    Is it possible to be causing my lo his reflux and 'grunting baby syndrome' issues from fast letdown? I spray and then spray a little more...and he will often gag/cough a little into drinking. My husband is suggesting we try a bottle with slow flow to compare and see if that's part of the problem. I'm not to keen on doing a bottle b/c he's 6 weeks and I'm still having some latch issues and I'm scared to basically regress to worse latch issues.

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    Default Re: reflux from fast letdown?

    Fast letdowns can cause some post-feeding discomfort. They don't cause reflux- reflux is innate to the baby, not something you cause- but a fast letdown can mean that baby gets a very full tummy in a hurry, and that can make reflux worse. Fast letdowns are often related to a high milk supply, and that can result in baby getting a lot of lactose-rich milk. An overabundance of lactose can result in more gassiness than average, though babies in general are gassy creatures!

    Don't introduce the bottle if you don't want to be using one. The issues your baby is having should pass in time, even if you do nothing.

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    ok good to know. I do think he gets a tummy full too fast sometimes! I have noticed that the majority of his throat clearing and grunting is at night, and worse come early morning. I know that's when milk supply is highest, and also when he is laying down more and he seems to have trouble coordinating pooing too in his sleep, he strains a lot until he gets some moving- all makes for a very noisy baby at night, hopefully passes soon.

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