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Thread: Reasons latch is still not improving?

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    Default Reasons latch is still not improving?

    I get a horizontal crease on one, and a lipstick shape on the other. Sometimes my lo clicks a lot while drinking and I feel something that feels like a readjustment and sharp pinch.

    I have tried everything to get a good latch - the head tilted back, the nipple towards the top...different positions..doing the u or c hold on the breast to shape it..

    Is it possible to just have a bad latch despite all this? I mean obviously I am haha so that's not quite the right question. I guess what I am asking is .. any thoughts as to what my lo might be doing in his mouth that I can't figure out?

    Is it possible that my nipples are just too short, and his mouth shaped a certain way, that they're just not going to reach the soft spot? Just an incompatibility issue maybe???

    Any other tips to get a better latch?

    It doesn't seem like he's tongue tied...hard to tell, I am going to ask the doctor Tues to have a look but I feel like most doctors aren't too educated on that.

    I feel a bit alone in figuring this out... we're 6 weeks into bfing and I really want to get a better latch and not encourage a bad one for too long.

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    Default Re: Reasons latch is still not improving?

    Have you seen a lactation consultant? Preferably an ICBLC? Sounds like you could benefit from someone working with you and baby in person. And a LC can assess for tongue tie.

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    Default Re: Reasons latch is still not improving?

    After reading your other post, I am thinking that you have a fast letdown/oversupply issue, and that's what's causing the latch issues. Clicking, spraying (which you mentioned in your other post), and slipping up/clamping down on the nipple during the feeding are all textbook forceful letdown issues. The baby compresses the nipple as he feeds to control the flow- it's like crimping a hose to slow down the water flow enough that you can drink from it with ease.

    First thing to try: reclined nursing positions. They enlist the aid of gravity to slow milk flow, which may reduce baby's need to pull off and clamp down. If that plus time doesn't work, you may need to progress to block feeding. But don't do that yet- block feeding is designed to reduce supply and it's possible to go too far.
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    Default Re: Reasons latch is still not improving?

    Even if there is an 'incomptibility issue' that can usually be fixed with a good latch or better positioning. I agree with both pp, try the ideas for forceful letdown but if it does not start getting better soon, get some hands on in person help if at all possible, an IBCLC or an LLL Leader or both.

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    ah ok good to know. Because I can sometimes have the best latch by the end of the feed (if I re-latch him) where I have to check to see if he's still on, it's so pain free (haha how sad is that, it's supposed to be that way the whole time!:P).

    I keep blaming myself that I'm not getting the latch right but maybe it's just him adjusting the flow.

    Right now I feed using the cross cradle at a slight incline, and I often lean back, reclining. And my lo has even started to learn to pull off when the spray starts and will wait or lick it.

    I have tried laying him belly to belly on me to feed, and while that latch seems to feel more comfortable, he seems to really struggle. Snorting and getting red faced and overall just seems like he is very stressed and uncomfortable by trying to hold is head up. Perhaps in another month he won't mind it so much when his neck is stronger.

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    Default Re: Reasons latch is still not improving?

    I have tried laying him belly to belly on me to feed, and while that latch seems to feel more comfortable, he seems to really struggle.
    do you mean belly to belly, you laid back? Like this picture? http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

    You could try not leaning back so far. Or starting off less leaned back and then relaxing further back, if that makes sense. And in laid back you can have baby in any position.

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