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Thread: Going back to work at night

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    Default Going back to work at night

    I am returning to work at night, 12 hour shift.

    My question is..... how often should I pump during that 12 hour shift?

    My LO is 3mo old. He sleeps great at night, only waking once to eat during the night. To keep my supply consistent, should I only pump once at work at the time he normally would wake to eat? Or should I be pumping every 3 hours?

    I plan to pump just before I leave home for the evening and let him nurse when I get home in the morning for his morning feed.

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    Default Re: Going back to work at night

    I tried to pump once for every time my LO would be eating, and adjusted my hours accordingly. I think I was pumping every 2 hours or so in the beginning. If I didn't have enough milk for her, I'd add a few sessions here and there to try to catch up. It took a while to get good with the amount. We ended up giving her 3.5 oz. every 2 hours for a while, and I was able to keep up with that for the most part.
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    Default Re: Going back to work at night

    Hello! Yes, you shoud pump when he normally feeds. But with working a night shift, my question would be this - How will he be fed when you are sleeping during the day (I assume you'd be sleeping during the day after having worked overnight)?

    If you're missing feeds during the day because you're sleeping, and not pumping because you're sleeping, you may want to pump more often while working overnight...
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