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Thread: Heart Palpitations related to breastfeeding?

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    Default Heart Palpitations related to breastfeeding?

    Not sure where else to post this so please move if need be.

    Has anyone else has heart palpitations while breastfeeding, particulary if this was a new onset for you?

    Ive only had them twice in my life, both times they started about 5 days after I had both of my kids and lasted for about 3 weeks.

    They went away 3 weeks after I had my son and never came back and I nursed him for a year. I also went on the mini pill with him at 9 weeks PP until he was about 11 months. I went back to work [night shift] when he was 6 months old.

    This time the palpitations went away when DD was 3 weeks old as well and I went back to work when she was 3 months on 11/9[night shift again]. I didnt go on any hormonal birth control after I had her.

    I just recently started getting the palpitations again [wednesday night] and wondered if its hormone related or what? I have been doing some reading and see it could be my thyroid, or anemia. plan on going to doc this week to see if they can run some labs, but in the mean time I am just at a loss for what could be the cause.

    I have been having quite a bit of breakthrough bleeding and spotting now since DD was 8 weeks. This last bout of it though lasted for 8-9 days.

    They are just annoying and make me feel anxious. I mainly feel them when I lay down at night to go to bed, making it challening to fall asleep.

    Any ideas or has anyone ever had this happen for no reason?

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    Default Re: Heart Palpitations related to breastfeeding?

    Most palpitations are benign, but you should absolutely talk to your doctor. Thyroid problems can definitely cause them (I know from personal experience!) and both hyper and hypothyroidism are very common in the postpartum period. Thyroid issues can also cause menstrual irregularities and anxiety.
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    Default Re: Heart Palpitations related to breastfeeding?

    thanks! im going tomorrow for lab work and have appt on monday for check up. definately looking into it further.

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