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Thread: 1 week old-supply question and some other issues...

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    Question 1 week old-supply question and some other issues...

    Oversupply ??

    My baby boy (#3) will be a week old tomorrow evening. Nursing has been a little challenging, despite having nursed my other two.
    DS#1 - tongue tied (tight phrenulum), painful painful nursing for 3 weeks until it was clipped. Worked with a lactation consultant until things improved.

    DS#2 - nursed from the minute he was born, like a champ, very little issues aside from the occasional plugged duct here and there...

    DS #3 - newest addition - latched right away but within a day I was very sore- to be expected. By the end of day 2 I realized he needed work on his latch and I needed to work on healing myself. By the 2nd night it was way too painful to nurse on one side. I ended up had expressing and cup feeding from that side and nursing on the less damaged side. As my milk started to come in on day 3 hand expressing was not enough so I pumped on my left side prob for a day and cup-fed him until at some point he rejected the cup, and a dropper, he just wanted to suck.

    I had healed enough so that I could manage the pain of the latch, which usually subsides somewhat...
    I'm wondering now if the pumping caused me to have an oversupply, or if what I feel is just normal beginning supply-building and I just don't remember.

    I am pretty sure I feel at least two let downs in between feelings (3 hrs max), and sometimes another while I'm nursing. I nurse on demand for as long as DS wants and switch sides only when I feel like the first side is drained enough and/or if I feel too sore bc he latched and relatched too much that I can't think of him nursing again on the same side. Sometimes I feel like even after a solid feeding, which includes falling asleep in middle, taking a short snooze, finishing on the first side, getting changed, falling asleep at the second side and possibly feeding there again a few more times, sometimes it feels like I'm not as drained as I should be.
    In between feelings I feel sore like the way you feel after a plugged duct unclogs and the tissue is swollen for a day or two.

    Is this what oversupply feels like? Did it happen bc I pumped for that day? R is this normal milk production while my body adjusts to how much the baby needs? During feelings, he sometimes pulls away once or twice but before the milk actually lets down. One he's sucking and gulping vigorously he's usually fine until he passes out!!! I've been using the football hold to help with his latch and then I sit him up and even lean myself back a little if I can so he can control the flow a little. He doesn't choke or sputter or gag, I just feel full and sore most of the time. (I do not have any lumps/hard spots though I am paying close attention.)

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    Default Re: 1 week old-supply question and some other issues...

    It could be oversupply, or it could be normal supply ramp up but baby is not extracting milk frequently enough or effectively enough, leading to overfullness.

    The remedy would be the same-getting milk out of the breast frequently. There is no need to drain the breast every time baby nurses, btw. But enough milk has to come out to relieve overfullness.

    I had bad oversupply with my third baby, now 4 months old, plus a very painful latch, particularly bad on one side. I put off getting help and ended up with an enormous plug and mastitis. All turned out fine but those second and third weeks were not fun!

    So I strongly suggest, see an IBCLC if you can to work on that latch.

    Here is what helped me the most:
    1)Got help and added strict adherence to the breast sandwich latch technique to what I was already doing with a laid back breastfeeding position.
    2)nursing very very frequently, this required actively encouraging baby to nurse more often and waking baby at night.
    3)A little hand expression or just massaging milk out in the shower or into a towel when I was getting painfully overfull between feedings.

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