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Thread: How to use up my stash

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    Default How to use up my stash

    I am going to start weaning my son from breastmilk in the next few weeks. He already gets about 6 ounces of formula a day since i returned to work. I have quite a bit of milk frozen and im curious what would be the most beneficial way to use it once i stop pumping. Should i just let him have it at the same formula/breastmilk ratio he is getting now and it will be gone in a few weeks. Or should i up his formula to stretch my stash out over a longer period of time so he gets a little bit for longer?

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    How old is your baby? If he's close to a year, I'd try to use up the breastmilk before switching to formula or cow's milk, because the breastmilk provides the optimal nutrition for brain and other development, and that development is happening fastest during the first year. If he's way under a year, then I think I might try to increase the formula a little bit so that the breastmilk lasted longer- provided that there are no lipase issues with your stash, and that the stash isn't nearing its expiration date, and that you have a good freezer and a good electrical supply that isn't going to crap out on you during a winter power outage!

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