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Thread: My son won't latch on and my milk hasn't come in yet :(

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    Default My son won't latch on and my milk hasn't come in yet :(

    Hi everyone! I just had my son last Sat, Nov 17th via c-section. I've heard with a c-section it takes longer for your milk to come in anyway but it's been 6 days and I can only pump maybe 10-15 cc's each session. He won't latch either, he'll put the nipple in fine suck for a second and then push away. I'll keep trying and trying but then he just gets really frustrated. We've been supplementing with formula with a slow flow and wide based nipple from Similac but I don't know what else to do.

    If he won't latch will my milk never come in? I know breast is best and I know that if I can get him to latch that is the best way to go but I am ok with bottle feeding him breast milk, I just need milk to do that! Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated, please nothing rude or scolding about supplementing formula. Thanks so much in advance!!

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    Default Re: My son won't latch on and my milk hasn't come in yet :(

    Hi and welcome, congrats on new baby.

    Your milk does not need to 'come in' it is already there. The first milk, colustrum, is typically all a new born needs for the first few days, and that is present in the breasts long before birth. It is very scant and often does not ‘pump’ well. Some moms find hand expression works better for extracting colustrum.

    What some call milk "coming in" actually means the milk changing in makeup and becoming more abundant. A mother’s milk will normally become more abundant primarily due to hormonal changes post birth. So yes, theoretically, even if baby did not nurse or you did not pump at all, you would see the typical increase of milk somewhere between day 3-6. this will not happen normally if any part of the placenta was not fully removed so you may want to look into that as a poaaibility.

    But certainly nursing frequently and/or pumping frequently is VITAL to normal milk production from the beginning. But you will not see huge amounts the first few days. An ounce per session (pumping both sides) at this point would be pretty good. Milk volume typically increases dramatically the first week or two, then continues to increase for the first month at least before leveling off to the amount baby needs from then on.

    IN your situation, it is of course best to keep encouraging latch while pumping VERY FREQUENTLY (10 times a 24 hour day if you can) with a VERY GOOD pump. Hospital grade rented pump is the best. You can also try hand expression with the pumping this often helps.

    Baby must be fed. but try to keep any supplementing to small amounts-no ore than 2 ounces-given very frequently-10-12 times a day. Keep feedings slow. This will be more like breastfeeding and hopefully reduce the risk of bottle confusion. for ideas how to do this, see : http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf

    There is no reason to think so early on that you will not be able to nurse your baby just fine. But it would really help if you had some hands on assistance. Can you see a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) for a complete consult? I don’t mean a few minutes in the hospital, I mean an hour or more one on one appt.? Do you have any local volunteer breastfeeding support like LLL?

    If you tell us more about what you have tried as far as latch goes and what the problems seems to be, we may be able to give more specific ideas.

    Meanwhile- hand expression http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...expression.pdf

    Ideas for feeding non-latching newborn http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...ching_baby.pdf
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    Default Re: My son won't latch on and my milk hasn't come in yet :(

    Here's another link with some videos that might help in the meantime. But I agree, the best thing would be to get some one-on-one help ASAP to get your baby to latch on and nurse.


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    Default Re: My son won't latch on and my milk hasn't come in yet :(

    thank you very much for all the information. I did mean the change in my milk when I said "coming in". So far we've tried all the different holds, making sure his head neck and back are in line and I've pumped before hand to make sure my nipples are out enough and he'll latch for a second but then thats it. He really does not like the football hold, we get nowhere with that one. I am going to look for an LLL meeting as well as look into meeting with a lactation consultant. I just thought I'd see what others had for suggestions as well Thanks again!

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    Default Re: My son won't latch on and my milk hasn't come in yet :(

    Have you tried laid back positioning? More info:



    Also I suggest calling your local LLL Leader if you have not done so. Sometimes meetings get busy and it's sometimes difficult to get the one on one time for working on latch issues at a meeting. I would suggest just checking in with her. Also you can find names of IBCLC’s here: www.ilca.org

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