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Thread: sterilizing bottle parts

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    Ok, so this might be a stupid question, but better to ask than to be sorry I guess...

    My LO is 3 months old. She's only ever had one bottle of EBM, that was a few weeks ago. That time I sterilized the nipple, ring, and bottle cover before I left (I have the Playtex Drop-Ins). I'm going to a Christmas party without her on Saturday. I plan on pumping and leaving milk in the storage bags in the fridge so I can freeze whatever she doesn't take. So can I sterilize the nipple and other parts in the dishwasher? and how far in advance can I do that without having to resterilize? ie, can I do it today? if so, where do I store the sterilized stuff?


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    If your baby is healthy, not premature, a good wash with soap and hot water should be fine.
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