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Thread: brand new mom, am i worrying too much?...help!!

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    Default brand new mom, am i worrying too much?...help!!

    hello im a new mom 2 days to be exact and new here, im breast feeding my son and i have this horrible feeling hes not getting what he needs from me, my nipples are super sore and tender even tho the LC said his latch and suck is great and his mouth seems really dry i ask about this at the hosp and was told he was just fine i feel like i should be giving him a lil water in between feedings or somthing any advice ????? im getting super anxious about him not getting what he needs and im already ready to switch to formula just so i know hes getting enough i dont want to give up tho

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    Default Re: brand new mom, am i worrying too much?...help!!

    Hi new mom welcome to the forum and to motherhood!

    When was baby last seen by a doctor? I am not sure what your baby's mouth looking 'dry' means, if they said it was fine at the hospital, why don't you trust that? I am pretty sure it is NOT a good idea to give your newborn baby water! If your baby is truly dehydrated at two days old, he needs to be seen by a doctor.

    So here is the deal with a two day old. Typically at this age baby is still getting mommas first milk, called colustrum. This milk is chock full with all kinds of important stuff baby needs, is often clear or slightly honeyish in color, but you may not even see it as it does not come in large amounts at all. It's not supposed to. This first milk is all a normal healthy baby needs the first few days.

    nursing with frequency in the first few days allows baby to help stimulate the production of the next milk, which will come in ever increasing amounts, is typically a more white 'milky' color' and typically shows up somewhere around day 3-5. This is when a mom may find her breasts feel heavyer and 'fuller." however, if baby is nursing frequently and well, mom may not feel much fuller even at this point. This is fine.

    Now, the nipple pain is a problem. Baby may be getting plenty of what baby needs but if it hurts you to nurse that is not going to work over time. You can try to improve this on your own but if its bad enough you are ready to switch to formula, PLEASE, first, try to see another lactation consultant , preferably an IBCLC who will sit with you and help you figure out what is wrong. It does not matter how latch looks. If it hurts mom, something is not quite right.

    one way to tell a baby is doing ok is by output. how much since birth has baby peed? Pooped?
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    Default Re: brand new mom, am i worrying too much?...help!!

    with LLLMeg. At only 2 days in, it's totally normal not to have milk yet. Milk production generally begins between 2 and 5 days after a baby is born. Until that time, a mom will provide her baby with small amounts of colostrum, which is all a baby needs until the arrival of milk.

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