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Thread: Recurrent bleb--how to prevent?

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    Default Recurrent bleb--how to prevent?

    I'm having a problem with a recurring bleb on the right side only, always in the same duct. It looks like a tiny white dot where the milk should be flowing out (but no milk flows out until the white dot is gone). When I get this, the milk in the breast tissue connected to this duct backs up, swelling painfully since it is not being emptied. I can nurse really well on this side and the whole breast will be soft except for the glands connected to this duct--if I were to draw a line from the nipple out up to the armpit, this would be the section of glands/ducts that are affected.

    The problem always resolves itself within 24 hrs, usually after several sessions of nursing, sometimes after a hot shower then nursing. Today, I used my fingernails to gently press on either side of the white dot, and the bleb came out. It was small and hard, like a small grain of white sand.

    This is becoming more of a problem, happening at least once a week. Today was the second time this week. When I get this bleb that blocks up the whole side of the breast, it is very painful, not to mention annoying. I'm just not sure what to do to prevent this from happening.

    Some facts: it is only in the right breast, not the left. Always in the same spots--there are 2 openings in the nipple where I always see streams of milk flowing out when pumping (I pump a few afternoons a week, nurse most of the time) that are subject to the blebs. I nurse my 5 mth old in the cradle position, using the My Brest Friend pillow for support. His latch is good and is able to transfer milk effectively (is in 90% for growth!). I usually apply a little bit of coconut oil after nursing for comfort, but not always, and did get blebs when using other types of salves like the Motherlove ointment. I use a clean breast pad each time so that the oil won't get all over my bra/shirt. I notice that the nipple is a bit smashed to one side when taking the bra off to nurse. I do regular massage when taking my nightly shower.

    Any advice on how to prevent more blebs would be great! The recurrence and pain that goes along with is getting very frustrating and I'm worried that if the milk is not draining properly it will affect my supply. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Recurrent bleb--how to prevent?

    I had a similar problem with recurring blebs and blocked ducts. Taking soy lecithin worked for me. I used to have a bleb/blocked duct at least once a week and haven't had one for months now.
    Take 1 tbsp of lecithin granules once a day. I tried the gel capsules too but they didn't seem to work as well.
    You can buy it at a health food store, or online. Try to find the non GMO kind, if you can.

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