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Thread: 3 1/2 hour morning car trip questions

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    Default 3 1/2 hour morning car trip questions

    Do we stop if he is asleep? Background: he didn't nap much at all yesterday due to a doctor appointment. He did nurse a lot since I was trying to get him asleep. He slept very fitfully lastnight, but nursed a lot. We nursed right before leaving home. If he is asleep, do we just keep driving? I forgot my hand pump, and could try to manually express, but have mousing to put it in except my water bottle. He typically nurses every 1 1/2 hours in the morning. If, big if, he sleeps for an 1 1/2, he'll have a 2 hour stretch between feeds. So going 4 hours between feeds today would be long. And I'd be really full. Thoughts?

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    Not sure how old he is, but I personally would drive as far as I could while he was sleeping, and if that was the whole trip, I'd just go with it this one time. It may mean he wants to feed all afternoon, he may wake up in the middle, you may have to stop twice. Long car trips can be a big question mark, and since he fed right before he left, I'd feed him right as soon as you got there, assuming he does indeed sleep the whole time.

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    I agree, drive while baby sleeps. 3.5-4 hours is not that long to go occasionally, even for a newborn, assuming baby is healthy. For the fullness, hand express and don't worry about saving it, when baby wakes baby will nurse and all will be well.

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    We just did that last night with my 6 week old. Drive on!
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