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Thread: Hirkani's Daughters while pumping

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    I was beginning to have reduced milk production when pumping at work. My ds is now almost 5 months and a very demanding nurser (he was 19.5 lbs at 4months). He also takes most of his food at night (he does not like the bottle much) , and this means my pumping is especially challenging on Monday (his demand on weekends does not match). Initially I found visiting and reading this forum helped, but eventually it was not as effective.

    Then I purchased Hirkani's daughters and began reading it. What a wonderful book! I find reading a bit of it before I pump has been helpful. It is a wonderful book that discusses how women around the world are able to breastfeed while working and overcoming other obstacles. It puts you in the right mental state for effective let down etc.

    Working and pumping milk is not always easy. Great job to those of you keeping it up!

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    with what you have said i wish i would have had that book when ds1 was about 4 months old. I had to return to work at 8 weeks and was completely done nursing by 5 months. Made me so sad and would have done ANYTHING to be able to keep pumping/nursing.

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