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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to say hello and kind of introduce myself. I am 33, married and Mummy to a little boy, 2.5 years (breastfed until 10 months) and a little girl, 11 months and still going strong with the breastfeeding.
    I discovered this forum a couple of weeks ago when looking for info on breastfeeding after 1 year. I have been avidly reading posts and am really inspired to continue so thank you.

    Breastfeeding is something I always thought I would do if I could but no biggie if I couldn't. Once I started though I loved it and found it such a beautiful way to bond with my baby and loved that I was providing all his nutritional needs as well as all the other immunising benefits. At 8 months he started to bite occasionally and when he did I would stop feeding and firmly say no. When he did it again I did the same but also put him in his cot and left the room for maybe 15 seconds. That was the end of our feeding, he went on a strike that never ended despite LLL advice and trying for a couple of weeks with skin to skin, bathing together etc. I was heartbroken and cried for a week but nothing to be done. I pumped for a further 2 months but my milk was almost gone by 10 months. Not bad but had really wanted to continue well past a year.
    I am hoping that things will go better this time (tooth number one only just thru so we'll see!).

    I also wanted to say that to those of you who are Mummy to an angel my heart goes out to you and my eyes fill with tears every time I see that in a signature.

    Well, thats my intro and my thoughts and now I will continue to scroll thru the archives!!

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    Mommy to Maxwell 10-9-07 weaned with love (a party and a remote control monster truck) on his 4th birthday
    My Boy 3-16-10
    And my sweet pea Sam 2-12-11

    Watch Your Language

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    Gloworm81 - at first (per everyone's advice) when my dd would bite (also around 8 months), I would have a really big reaction like "OUCH!! That HURT mommy! NO Biting!". Then I'd let her try again, but if she kept biting I'd end the session.

    But then I realized that my tactic could esily turn into a BAD game - "ooh - I can make mommy have a really funny reaction by biting! cool!".

    Also, I really felt she wasn't biting to be "bad" or anything - it was because her teeth hurt, or she was frustrated with slow let-down or really wanted to go play...

    So I decided to basically ignore it which I still do now that she has 10 teeth at 13 months. She very rarely bites now, but when she does, I just un-latch. I decide whether to let her re-latch depending on whether I think she's done with the session, or whether she'll be able to settle down and focus.

    My mom weaned me at 8 months and she always tells me the story that it was because I bit her and she decided that was enough of that.

    Anyway I just think it's less of a "behavior" thing and seeing it as such helps me handle it in such a way as not to discourage nursing.

    Congrats on 1 year with your #2!!
    Mom to daughter C (10/30/11) delivered by midwives in unmedicated birth. EBF after breast augmentation, CD, baby wearing, part time co-sleeping, WOHM.

    SAVED by LLL meeting in week one. (no milk for first SEVEN days!)

    Weaned DD at 20 months.

    Next one due in Feburary 2014!

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