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    My baby was born on 10/27 and we're doing great. However, in the next few weeks I wanted to introduce pumping/bottles because while i'll be staying at home with the baby there will be times that I just won't be available to feed as I am still in full time school and have to meet with instructors.

    My milk supply is bountiful and my baby does not have to work at all to get it, so my question is will a manual pump work for me? I haven't perfected self expression very well so I am hesitant to do that but I don't want to spend a lot of money on the electric if I can get away with the manual. I've heard others say it was painful and useless to use but I don't know if their milk came as easily. Also, as I will be using bottles *very* infrequently, any suggestion on types of bottles to get? I still figure I will wait at least two more weeks to introduce the bottle but I have a final I have to take in the middle of december that is going to interfere with the feeding schedule so that is what I have to prepare for.

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    I have a Medela manual pump that I think it very comfortable to use. It works well for occassional use for me.

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    Hi - if and when I need to pump I will alternate use between the manual Medela pump that I got at the hospital or I will use my Medela Pump in Style electric pump. I use the manual more often just because it is handy to keep by the side of the bed. I do get more milk from the electric - BUT - I don't get much milk when I pump. When I do try, which again is rare, I only get an ounce or two at best.

    Also, we used the Playtex Nurser bottles with DD#1 and a few times with Ashelyn. They come with the nipples that are more like your nipples. Also, they have the plastic liner inserts which can be thrown away after each feeding - I like these better than a bottle where you have to wash the inside.

    HTH - good luck!!

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    I have the Medela Pump in Style because I am going back to work, I need to pump more frequently.

    As for bottles, the playtex nursers worked best with the NATURALATCH nipples. as with the pp, the disposables are so convenient. I've tried everything when it comes to bottles and even others that are like the breast, Gerber comfortlatch, etc. still come out to fast with slow flow. Playtex was the only one that allowed my ds to go from bottle to breast with ease.

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    I would reccomend only buying one bottle of a specific brand at a time until you see what your LO likes. She may hate the bottle you like and then you are stuck with extra bottles you can not use not to mention the $$ you spent on them.

    We have tried Avent, then the Breastflow bottle by First Years, then Dr. Brown's. My LO refuses the Avent from both my husband and I. She will only take the Dr. Brown's from my husband and will only take the Breastflow bottles from me. We are guessing the difference is b/c the Breastflow is more like a breast and I nurse her so it is all she will take from me but I do not use a bottle that often these days now that she is finally nursing!!

    Good luck!!
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    hi, I bought an Advent manual pump and I have had no problems.
    I think the thing for me is that I have to have a real good mental picture of of my baby in my head when I start to pump. I mimic the pattern of sucking the baby does; yours may be different. For me I squeeze the trigger, one two, three (pause) ect. I watch to see exactly how much suction pressure is needed before I start to let down, then I don't over do it. I can get up to 4 ounces in about 40 minutes. When I realy get good it can be 6. If I bend over a little and let gravity help, the milk comes WAY faster!

    One small word of advice is that you empty the breast all the way - so some of the hind milk goes into your milk storage bottle. I pump so my dh can let me get a three hour stretch of sleep every blue moon lol!

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    I had a Medela Harmony hand pump, and also used a pump in style. Most of the time, I could use the manual pump, but there were times (like when I'd try to pump out a blocked duct), that I had letdown difficulties with the manual pump. In those situations, if I used the Pump in Style with the dual-pumper, I'd letdown easier. The electric was also faster.

    As far as bottles, we used the Playtex premium nurser system. They also have a cool milk storage kit that attaches directly to your pump.



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