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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?? 2 week old only happy at breast

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    Default Re: Am I doing something wrong?? 2 week old only happy at br

    Your very 1st post was about her not wanting to do anything but feed all day. When she was two weeks old. So how are you saying that the "feeding for hours" didn't start until your supply dropped? And we know at that point your were making enough milk.
    Is your LC an IBCLC? Because she sounds CLUELESS about why a child who is bottle drinking AND what formula does to supply. MORE BOTTLES=LESS MILK. There is no way around that. If your child missed two cues at night because she is trying to cluster feed and you give her a bottle you miss two opportunities to make milk. AT LEAST. So when you 1st got here you were worried you weren't making enough because she wanted to be attached to your breast all the time. But she was gaining fine and all was normal. So you started supplementing at night before two days ago. You were talking about Sometimes her taking 3 oz and sometimes her taking 5. (Which is way too much not matter what is happening). So that began before the 27th. I am not sure when but when you did you began damaging your supply. I suspect it was during the 3 week growth spurt. SO when your child started telling your body that you needed MORE you in fact started giving her LESS.
    It DOES in fact take MANY babies who are your babies age an hour to nurse. That is VERY normal behavior. And a baby drinking 3oz of formula after a feeding does NOT indicate anything in terms of starving. I have seen women COMPLETELY overfeed their kids via bottle or allow their DCP to do it. I repeat: Just because a baby WILL drink the bottle does not they NEED the bottle and it's no indication of what you are making.
    And the more bottles in the mix the MORE likely she IS to cry. Because she is frustrated at how much work needs to be done to get the milk at the breast comparatively. And pumping less AND adding formula supplements DAY AND NIGHT is doing things differently! It's WAY different.
    The ONLY way to up your supply is STEP AWAY from the supplements. That it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommiewiggle View Post
    Having seen the lactation consultant today she told me that I should limit my nursing sessions to 30 min each breast, and if she's not satisfied after that offer her a bottle of what I have pumped and pump again. She told me I'm not ruining my supply as long as I try to nurse first and pump after bottle feedings. She also expressed that baby is probably going through a growth spurt and is not getting the adequate nutrition she needs if she's still sucking down 3 oz of formula after an hour of feeding, and also that it shouldn't take over an hour for feedings as it normally does.
    She also says that babies have a tendency to sleep more and be less active if they aren't being fed well and she sleeps almost all the time, with very few wake periods.
    I don't think your LC is giving you very good advice here. I don't see how limiting time at the breast could do anything but hurt your supply. Especially if it is already struggling. And many many babies will suck down whatever is in a bottle, regardless of whether they are hungry.

    Any chance you could talk to a different LC?
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    Default Re: Am I doing something wrong?? 2 week old only happy at br

    Mommy wiggle I don't think anyone is questioning your commitment or your desire to nurse your baby. What I am hearing is concern that you have perhaps been getting not the best information about breast-feeding and are drawing conclusions about your situation based on some not entirely accurate information. whether this is true or not in your case it is a legitimate concern in general because this actually happens quite a bit that mothers are given not entirely accurate breast-feeding information- even by medical professionals and even by lactation consultants, or even lll leaders, or told something that is confusing or the mom hears something different than what was said. I am also hearing that you are trying very hard to nurse your baby and are perhaps very tired and not feeling as if you were getting enough support at home. of course you are also absolutely correct none of us are actually there. We can only go off your description of the situation. I guess what I'm trying to say is I think everyone really does want to support you but perhaps we are not finding the best way to do that.

    Online forums serve a wonderful purpose which is what I love about this forum where I think moms get the best information and support for breast-feeding on the web. But I do think sometimes there is just no substitute for talking the situation out with somebody in person or on the phone. I would like to encourage you to contact a local LLL leader. A leader is a mother who nursed her baby or babies and has been trained and accredited by LLL to talk with moms about their breast-feeding issues. If that is not possible or if that does not work for you, you are very welcome to call me I am going to Pm you with my information so we can do that if you like.

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    Default Re: Am I doing something wrong?? 2 week old only happy at br

    Just got back from baby's doctor. Baby has a cold which is why she was refusing the breast. She needs saline drops in her nose before we attempt nursing.

    Sorry for the freak out. I'm no longer worried I'm not providing enough (again) now that I know why this sudden occurance has happened. I'm still gonna take the fenugreek and try to pump more, but I will keep away from the bottles... unless she's absolutely refusing and in that case I won't make her stress out for food while she has a cold. Getting her well is my #1 priority.
    I will go see another LC if I worry again about my supply, but now that the dr explained to me that it's because of her stuffiness (and nothing to do with my milk flow/her ability to empty my breast) that she's refusing I'm a lot less worried that something is wrong.
    Still gonna try pumping more frequently as well, and def for sure nursing before giving a bottle and pumping afterwards in the case we have to use a bottle.
    We had a REALLY good week last week when I was just following the advice I got from the first post so I'm just gonna chalk this up to her getting sick and hope we can get back into side laying nursing soon. And continue to work on the one meg told me about since she's not into side laying anymore.

    It's so nice to get the reassurance that she's not refusing the breast because of something I did. Will work on breaking bad habits.

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