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Thread: Needing some advice!

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    Default Needing some advice!

    I am having some trouble bfing my 10 month old son.
    For the last month he has become increasingly uninterested in bfing. I assumed I could get through this and just offered him the breast through the day, but recently he's become very rough and pulls his head back when feeding and pushes with his hand on my breast. Often it's hard enough that he pulls the nipple right out of his mouth. He also pops on and off frequently and sometimes struggles to get down and appears not interested at all.
    I can usually get him to have one to two decent feeds in a 24 hour period and I am offering it to him plenty (and have tried feeding in a calm dark and quiet environment to no avail).
    He's on three meals a day and has 8 teeth. The problem with the teeth is that now that he's becoming a bit more mobile and the breast it is very painful to feed him as his teeth must be rubbing on me or something. There are raw areas where the skin has been rubbed off (where his top teeth sit) which turn into scabs and then are reopened every time I feed him.
    I would really like to make it to a year as I think it's important for him to be getting the nutrients from my milk, but its becoming almost like a fight to get him to sit still when he feeds, or to even feed at all! Plus it is now very painful.
    He won't drink more than 20-30ml out of a bottle or a sippy cup, but I have had some luck getting him to drink water/expressed milk out of a push top water bottle (for some reason he likes these).
    I was thinking maybe I could give him a feed first thing in the morning before breakfast, and a second feed before bed time (of course if he is asking/seeming like he wants it during the day I will give it but if he doesn't seem to notice I won't).
    But how much water or expressed milk will he need between when he feeds in the morning and when he feeds at bedtime? Don't want him to get dehydrated especially since we are coming into summer.
    If you have any other ideas or anything that I could try please let me know as I am at my wits end and dreading each feed as they are terribly painful!
    Thanks in advance
    Chloe and Jack
    PS he is a very active boy and missing feeds (when he's not interested) has not effected his energy at all. He still appears healthy and happy even when he hasn't had a milk feed in 7-8 hours (this happens when I work my long shift which I do once a week and I send expressed milk with him which he's not interested in and doesn't drink more than about 20ml).

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    Wow, he does sound like a busy little guy!

    FWIW, I got scabs from the top teeth with both my babies and, fortunately, it was temporary. My theory was that the teeth are just extra sharp when they come through and dull down a bit as baby eats with them. I could be wrong. But in any case, the scabs did heal, nursing got more comfortable again, and my babies went on to nurse for many more months. It helped some to vary nursing positions so their teeth didn't hit in exactly the same place every time.

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    Default Re: Needing some advice!

    Have you tried to get him to drink from a straw? Or just let him sip out of your cup? My daughter was and still is very similar in nursing frequency. But she will drink from sippy cups, cups, and straws. Oh yes those new teeth can be very sharp! Good luck to you!
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    Default Re: Needing some advice!

    I keep reading and rereading your post and trying to think of some advice to offer up, but I am realizing that I am kind of in a similar boat the last couple of days, at least with DD showing less interest in feeding - and she's biting too, with just the 2 bottom teeth. I hope that someone can give some good advice to you, because I think it would help me as well. I think the general rule is between 24 and 32 oz of milk per day and closer to that 32 during the summer, so if you can estimate how much you think he's getting at your morning and evening feeds, then you can guess how much he would need. Here are two things that I am trying:

    1) Cut back on the solids - I am doing this in an attempt to get my DD really hungry so she will NEED to nurse to eat. This is a little scary for me because I want her to be full and happy, but it might just be enough to rerout her to the breast. Might work for your little guy too

    2) It sounds like he's sleeping through the night if you are only feeding him twice. Can you dream feed him? See if he'll take milk in the nighttime and that will help him get some of the missed calories during the day. He could just be so excited about the world around him that he is "okay" going through the day with just the solids and the water, but we obviously know that he needs more than that!

    I hope other moms can chime in here! BUMP!

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